Where do you find inspiration?

January 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1. Writers drew there Inspirations from themselves staying like a child.
2. Learning is every day phenomenon from ourselves and from others around us.
3. Nature and Environment teaches us and bring even closer to it, every day and in every moments.
4. Einstein said that all of his great inventions were because he stayed to be child. Being in the state of the child bring curiosity and passion for work.
5. As you said Paulo coelho, “I am my books and they are part of my soul.” Most of the writer should feel in the same way, here is one question you would like to add if you have not already posted. What do you associate with books?
6. A single moment of joy and complete peace, satisfaction in that moment and words of wisdom gained and shared are what most of the writer would like themselves to associate with.
7. I do not know if God exits but I know, if he exits then he must live inside us, inside our body,being invisible but controlling our body and driving us forward, to take very next step in our life. I am the bilogical body and my books are representation of that very next step which God wants me to take.

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