Does Context make art?

What is art? Is art a music or is the art the art drawn by Leonardo da Vinci or by Jules Joseph. Is art the drawing that shows the artist caliber? What is that we called art? A writer art could be the text that he inputs in his plain white paper. A musician art could be the music that he plays in the audience. A lover art could be the love he shows for his lover. Art could come in many form, shapes and size. It has no limit and no boundary.

Art to me could be nothing to other. The way look at art is also different and the perception can vary from the person to the other person. Art has value because artist has created it. The value could also differ depending upon the time and circumstances.

One person can give more value to the “same stuff” and other could give no value at all. But great art is appreciated by all. There are no person without a talent. Everybody in the world comes with the talent. The showing off the talent of the person could result into the performance. The performance could give the impact to his/her audience.

Depending upon the impact his art is appreciated or depreciated. There are no good or bad artist there are only artist. The formulation of good or bad depends upon the taste of the person. These taste vary depending upon the time and the circumstance.

Some artist could show off there talent in the right place at the right time and there work is valued. But some artist could not get the right place to show there potential. To those who does not get the right place to show off there talent they choose the place where there are large number of the audience.

For example, If you consider me as the artist. Or, let us suppose for a while that I am a artist and my job is to write a comment on your blog. Now, this might not be considered a fantastic art because writing a blog is just putting an opinion on the title of the author. Well, Let us say- this is very least form of art. Which could be defined as the creation of comments depending upon your own personal experience and expertise in the field you are talking. Now, When you read all those artist and there comments, we think that they all have point to make and they are saying some valuable things about the same topic.

When every body is giving his thoughts and ideas on the same topic you cannot say that all of these people are good or great artist but you can at least say that every body is right. or every body has some form of talent. Another perspective to look at these people or least artist is that, why are they here? Most of them just are here to put the comments or thoughts or share there opinion but if you take me for example, then I am here because I have audience who are equally participating in the discussion of the topic which I am interested.

When I have large number of audience with greater thoughts and insights then surely there is the larger the impact. Well, People can always have different opinion on any of the other person’s opinion.

Therefore, Context is important but not very important. For example, the musician near the busy streets of the market. Well, who will notice if he was the great musician or not great musician. Simply because, every body is moving on. There are people who are busy in there own problems. They do not have time to listen and even if very few are interested they are free or have nothing to do.

Every body is doing there work at that period of the time. Some are getting late for there work, some have train to catch, some just had fight with there partner, some is busy in thinking for there next project, some are going for the shopping, some are going to buy a drink and so on. These people are running for nothing. Why? If I have to live my life my way, I listen to what my inner voice has to say, there are always difference but which one is right and which one is wrong can be easily distinguished.

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