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3 step process to write a damn good Novel

It is always good habit to admire somebody and be adorable. One of the good thing that encourages people to do which they are good at.

I was thrilled and little smile popped up in my face when I saw a comment at the Paulo’s blog. Most of the times I put comments on his blog since there are many active bloggers or writers.

It is not to attract the large group of audience but just to share point of view among large group of people. Well, this is way life works. It is a good practice to be in such a group which can have great ideas and thoughts.

Thank you to those who think what I have been doing is good. It always encourages me to work hard and come up with something very beautiful at the end. Currently I am thinking on writing a book. Well, I do not yet know what would be the book and I do not want to disclose at this moment the details.

As In one of my post at Paulo’s blog where Paulo has asked his Readers to post a Resolution for the year 09, I have one list which is to complete this project, of writing a book.

Yesterday, I completed reading a book “How to write a damn good Novel-Vol I” by James Frey. It is one of the Master Piece. There are several techniques and methods which a Novelist can use to write his own book.

The book is written in simple tone and text flow is very smooth. But I was amazed by my own abilities of reading that book in a day?. I think I am slowly improving on Reading. May be it will help me to get good grades later when I will give and exam for “English tests”.

Yesterday, I also came of with some idea that how a writer could write a book while I visited some web pages. To write a Novel is very difficult thing, and many of the great writers or genius and for them too it is most difficult. It requires loads of effort and dedications. Imagine a situation where you have to sit alone and write- separate from friends, family and every body around. You are sitting with your typewriter (Well, Usually Nobody has typewriter Now a days, but Yeah with your computer and Word Processor program). Many of those who have tried to write a Novel has not completed or given up in the middle of the journey.

Well, If I have say, then I would say that-“Nothing is easy in life”. Everything is well up to us to make them easy as the way we want them to.

I like the idea of writing a Novel where following approach are suitable.

1) First write a bad Novel.

This means, Write without stopping yourself. Just put your hands to the keyboards and type all your thoughts on your Word document. Do it every day, till the time you finish your work. Think of such writing as flow of your thoughts on the paper. Do not think anything else. Do not assume that, you are writing and your text structure or your sentence composition or your vocabulary or your diction, grammar are not correct. Even though you are Native English Speaker, you will have those mistakes in your paper. Just sit and write without any hesitation and without any worry.

2) Focus on completion.

If you are human and if you can think and if you have promised something to yourself then give your life to fulfill it.
This implies, you should be man of your words. Those who do not commit to what they speak or do or say, are not humans in my dictionary.

Therefore, Complete on what you have committed to yourself. There is no point to prove to anyone except yourself. If you can prove to yourself that you are good at what you are doing then you are the Master of all. No Master and No Great People will tell you this. This is one of the greatest advice that I am giving you. Just take it for granted. And Think !!!

3) Start writing (Re-Write) your Novel

Now After completion of your bad Novel, Re-write your Novel. This is your Novel which is going to be fresh and which you should consider for publication. Be serious on this Novel. For this Novel focus on timings, prepare Plot, Scene and Speech carefully. This will take time. Your bad Novel was completed in very short period of time and you should take the reference of your bad Novel to write a good Novel. This Novel is going to be good. You know that you have already written a Novel before in very short period of time and Now you should focus on writing your good Novel. Once you are re-writing or Starting this Novel now, you will have an idea about how your Novel will be. The text you need are already there in your bad Novel so you do not have to worry about them. Just Start fresh with proper timings, planning, plot, speech, flow, text construction so on and so forth.

This is the 3 step process which I am giving to you all to write a Novel. Let us see, if it is really helpful or not. I am trying this three step process and I hope you will like it as well.

Have a Good Week-days !

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