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Mr. X and Miss Y

Mr. X is walking down a street near Helsinki, He watches the beautiful Catholic church near the Central railway station. He has never seen such a Church before. He admires the beauty of the church.

Just near the Church he sees the beautiful girl coming to visit the same church. She is really very pretty, He knows. She comes close to her and she stares at him, in his eyes.He is delighted and overwhelmed by the strange look of a lady.

Mr. X starts day dreaming about the Sex. He is young, medium built in his mid twenties. For him, the desire is significant and important. He is single and by looking in those great eyes of Miss Y, He is really excited and desires Sex.

The desire of Mr. X does not last long since the lady disappears after a while from the Church. Mr. X is now again alone. He was so excited and happy to mingle with this beautiful lady, Miss Y- a slim built, single and with great body.

Mr. X desires are unfulfilled. Following day at the same time, Mr. X thinks of visiting the church again, He is near the church, his eyes are searching for the Miss Y. Where is she?-he thinks. After couple of hours, Miss Y appears in the church- Mr. X was just about to feel happy and excited to start talking with Miss Y but suddenly, Mr. X sees a black man with Miss Y. His desires are shut, He becomes sad. His cheeks fall down and his eyes are in despair.

Miss Y enters the church and goes back but while Miss Y was just about to enter the church, she again looks at Mr. X- her eyes are stating a desire. The eyes are speaking to Mr. X There is a strong desire and some story to be told to Mr. X but he is little shy to go and talk with her-since Miss Y is with this black, heavily built tall guy in his late thirties.

There is some hidden mysteries that has to come out. Why she looks at me every time she visits this Catholic church?- thinks Mr. X, Is there a sense of desire in her or is there some words that I have to listen?-thinks again.

Following day, Mr. X is waiting for her to visit the church again, He is waiting for very long. Miss Y has not showed up. He is anxious. His eyes wants to connect with Miss Y eyes today too, There is a sense of desire and passion for love. May be it might turn out into great love stories who knows?- he thinks.

Mr. X wait has lasted for seven hours still he has not seen Miss Y. He is is really upset and now he has to go back home. Meanwhile there are five Mercedes coming near the church. He sees that there is a coffin being brought in the church. There are many people coming out there cars. He thinks, “who might this be?”

Outside the coffin it reads, “Miss Sanna Maria(1984-2008)”.

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