PP theory

I truly believe that women came into existence for the purpose of only men. There are no other purpose of women existence. This does not mean that, women do not have rights. Yes they have and they should be given equal opportunity. I think there are some group of people who does not understand the value of women existence. The more pain the more pleasure phenomenon is around the world.

PP (Pain gives Pleasure) Theory is such that, the more pain you hear from your partner the more pleasure other partner will receive.

The “PP” theory is result of my own personal experience. I think the same applies in the world back when there was Adam and Eve in Christianity and When there were God and Goddesses existence in Hinduism.

This theory has never changed and will not change ever. (Why not?) This will not change simply because those who are in pain have to take it for granted.

There are laws made for those who commit such an act. Such as Rape, Visiting brothels and selling young girls and children to any humans may it be the “white” or “black” or “big guys”.

To hear such a news is interesting and at the same time sad. Those events has to be stopped or even should be limited or minimized to far greater extent.

One of the common problem of this world is- Sex trafficking, child abuse, addiction (watching porno using internet or T.V.) and most importantly terrorism.

I think many countries are fighting for

1. Oil (Petrol, gas, Kerosene and etc.)
2. Land (Kashmir in case of India and Pakistan)
3. Energy (Nuclear and Electric )
4. Power (Political, Fight for recognition )

I think many humans are fighting for

1. Sex (Sex trafficking, child abuse, pleasure)

The above four listed points can vary depending on countries and there policy but the one that is listed in the bottom will stay as long as human being exit on this planet.

I am sorry to say but I know it has no end.

  1. January 2, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    “I truly believe that women came into existence for the purpose of only men…”I read you first sentence and could not bring myself to read any more. I do not agree with you. And I can list a million different reasons why you should not agree with yourself either. But I will not do that. Figure it out yourself.

  2. January 3, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Most of the times, our lives just go in proving that “i am right and you are wrong” anyways, thank you for your valuable comment. I will figure out myself, if the sentence is correct or not. Thank you!

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