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Comments on "What is your call?"

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just when I was writing the comments on your blog, something happened I do not know who did it but something really worse happened. The worse means, I was about to finish the comments but somehow I could not submit it in your blog because whole comments were deleted by mistake.

I am little surprised who did this? Was it me? Should I blame on the Keyboard of the computer? Should I blame on the God? Should I blame on your Web page, tell me Mr. Coelho?

What should I do? Should I say that it was my fingers which went on these keyboards and accidentally something happened? I am little confused to think NOW.

I think the previous comments that I wrote was better, I think that those comments has beautiful insights on how to express feelings at this particular moment.

What should I do now? Should I say that, I am feeling bad or should i think God does not wanted to show my true potentials for your valued question? I want your help, Just tell me what should I think? Should I think whatever happened was not my mistake or should I think that what am doing is not good?

There are many answers by many authors in your blog and I have read most of them. Some of them are stating that, they have published the books on there web pages, some of them are posting that they want to listen music, learn and educate and some still do not know what is there call?

What would be the best answer ? Our vision and emotions drive our action, but I am worried that you will not like my comment because this comment is not good then the before. The comment which I was going to “just submit”, which was far better than the comment which I am writing it now.

Who is to blame on this situation? or I think I should just ignore it completely and do not blame on anybody else. Why am I thinking that this comment is not better than the comment that I wrote previously, why am I thinking that I am not good reader than others who read your questions and answer them regularly? Well, I think I should accept the things as they are.

However, How can I forget the previous event that happened just before my eyes. The comments that I was writing could not be successfully be posted because something flashed in the Screen of my computer and it went disappearing. I was so disappointed. I think I should not, but I could not forget that event. I want to but i cannot.

Let me stop now. As far as my understanding of the question- it stated that,what is that I am doing now, or thinking now ? Tell me if I am wrong.

Well, all the above sentences and paragraphs will explain you that I was fighting to right good comment on this post. This is what I was trying to do and I was all the time thinking about what is that I am doing? Since I was thinking on what is that I am doing, I was all the time thinking the event that happened just before my eyes and writing in this blog about it.

Please read this article which was published in the Newspaper

After reading this article you will learn what I was trying to tell you.

Live in the moment

Live in the moment

Past was never yours
Future will be yours

Today is the Present
Live in this Present

Actions are driven thoughts
Like a flowing river

We create and Change
We fell and wake up

But any given moment
Will show us, tell us
Speak for us and teaches us

That we are a Human
An animal which thinks

At any given moment
with pleasure and happiness

With joy and forgiveness
With sorrow and happiness

We are just humans
My dear child, Just humans

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 to you all. May the power of God give you what you want,
tell you what you want to hear,
listen you what you want to say,
teach you what you want to learn,
show you what you want to see,
smells what you want to blossom,

May the power of God delivers you, everything.

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