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What do you associate with mouth?

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Mouth is for words. The words come from this very mouth and the words are spoken from this very mouth. The words flows from your mouth. As you said Paulo, We eat, we drink and we do kiss, we even lick or we taste something from the tongue in the mouth.

Mouth is the way of input. We take in any food through this organ present in our body. Now there are different ways to look at this. We can see it spiritually, we can even see this culturally, we can even see this in many other ways that will have good meaning.

Let us see first what it signifies, If there was some creator why did he put this organ in the human body? What was the reason of putting the mouth? Why did we only take all these food materials from only mouth? Why cannot we use other organ for input. Let us say, Nose or ears or … Why we were taught that we should take our foods from the mouth and not from the other organ.

Probably these questions are very childish. These questions would be asked by very small child. And the beauty of this question is the simplicity of these question. Tomorrow, it can become a research questions for the Researchers.

When we were a small child, we were taught like this, we were feed by our mother in the mouth. Later we grew up, we came to know that the food goes inside this organ. Then slowly, we started to adopt to this environment and Nature.

The first step is the last step. Everything that we do in first becomes the last. It does not signifies that it will last for ever but it may last for ever too. Let me take you outside this topic and give you one example,

When we first experience the sex, Before the experience you do not know how it is like? Will this hurt? Will I feel the pain? Will there be pleasure, will there be trouble ? We think on many issues of the sex. But once you experience it and slowly you like it later. Because it will take some time before you will say- “Yes” it is great.

After some period of the time you start to like the sex and later you will be addicted to it. Then the whole way of doing something becomes like an addiction. You cannot live it, you cannot say-well, I do not want to do it. It become like an addiction and it continues. (Why?) Simply because, you know every body around you do this, you have learned in your book, you have been taught in the school, you have been seen your parents do this- then you slowly start thinking (Why should not I do the same?)

Therefore, Let us now get back to topic of Mouth. The mouth is same organ which takes input and we know this organ has a capabilities of speak, to take input (Whatever) and to even throw output(by speaking)

When you speak what comes out of your mouth?
When these words come out of your mouth, how is the impact?
-Depends on whom you speak and what you speak

Ultimately, the words are the root cause of everything. The words can bring some one close and the words can kill some one for no reasons.
Words can create peace and love, words can even create war and violence.

Mouth has vital role to play in the way we use it.

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