Mumbai Terror attack (26/11)

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcome to Mumbai, also previously known as Bombay. A place where dreams are seen and dreams turn into successful story at the end. There is terror not only in the Mumbai but every other country around.

Terrorist cause terror, the main goal of the terrorist is to cause terror in the minds and soul of Nation and Country. They have once again been sucessful in causing the terror this time in India’s dream city- Mumbai.

Since in happenings like this- there are more questions than the answer. One has to think who is behind this all strategic planning and killings of innocent people? The main cause of the terror is to frighten people and target the interest groups. Here in this case, it was especially Foreigners as they say in the News.

What is the purpose of doing all these ? What message they want to spread all around the world ? Do terrorist wants to say that, they are not going to be vanished completely from the earth ? They will one day if they keep on doing the same act. Everything is temporary and nothing can stop when “Nature” will come up with something extraordinary.

More than 500 peoples are injured and killed, Those who are tourist in India are returning back home. Why do they target the “jews” ? What is “jews” community has to do with all this ? Since these questions are unaswered by many and still there are investigations going on in this issue. It is very hard and difficult to say who is behind all this issue. Could be “Pakistan”, could be “Al-Qaeda” and could be those big guys who are leaders in terror.

There is always two sides of the same coin, as I have been repeating this issue time and again. The idea of spreading this terror is very clear, the message they want to give to the world is that, “our numbers are increasing”. We are building a new type of community around the globe which is the community of “terrorist”. We do not have jobs, we do not have satisfaction on the things we have been doing but we have the support of all those “big shots” around the world. They have enough money to support us even if we are dead.

For example see the “architecture” around the Middle East that is going to be build. As the Global Economy is going down and flat, at the same time there are loads of development going on in Middle East and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have always been the greatest of great friends and greatest of great enemy. It is not good idea to blame on the country as being behind all these terror attack but blame those guys who are sleeping in the bedrooms of the prime minister house in Pakistan.

Where is Osama bin laden ? As this question for people have always left unanswered. There have been a book on this issue about where exactly is the Osama bin laden but I would recommend to check the Pakistani top burecrat office and palaces. I am not generalizing but I think, and in my opinion if some one would ask me, I would say- He lives in Pakistan with the help of top burecart in their office. May be he is hiding somewhere with former President pervez musharraf residence, who knows ?

If you link Osama bin with Musharraf then you might not get clue but there is doubt that this guy can live with Musharraf.

I have no idea, why these bunch of the people have to spread the terror and what is the real message they want to show to world. As “religion” is concerned, one of the religion that is spreading like a virus in the world is “Islam”. I do not know but I heard from somewhere that, Allah wants to see all of his child. Which means, there is no limitation and control on the child birth.

These could be wrong information but to some extent it can also be right information. If tomorrow if some one is going to find “Osama bin laden” then he could be found from the Pakisan and not from Afganistan. With the population of around 31,889,923 (Source:Wikepedia) There is little chance that, Osama could be found in Afaganistan.

Whoever it is and whoever is behind in causing the terror around the world. It is not going to stop. It will continue and increase in the days to come.

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