Explaining God – Loving without fear

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I am recent visitor of Paulo’s blog and I keep on writing on his blog too. One of the chapter on my book “Nature God” is dedicated to Paulo’s blog and comments that I have written on his blog.

Here is one moral story from him-

A pilgrim arrived at the village where Abu Yazid al-Bistrami lived.

– Teach me the quickest way to reach God.

Al-Bistrami answered:

– Love Him with all your strength.

– That I already do.

– Then you need to be loved by the others.

– But why?

– Because God looks at the hearts of all men. When He visits yours He will surely see the love you have for Him and He will be happy. However, if He also finds your name written with affection in the hearts of others, He will certainly pay far more attention to you.

In response to his views, I have written something too- Below you can see my point of views.

Love is the common and very simple term. It has no meaning but again it means a lot. It is the symbol of affection, care, togetherness, self-emotions and many more.

As you said, Paulo ! The love for God should be fearless, the love of other people is only that matters.

My point is that- I do not have point. I do not know if I believe in God or not but one thing I surely know from the saying of Edison that,

“Nature is what we know. We do not know the gods of religions. And nature is not kind, or merciful, or loving. If God made me—the fabled God of the three qualities of which I spoke: mercy, kindness, love—He also made the fish I catch and eat. And where do His mercy, kindness, and love for that fish come in? No; nature made us—nature did it all—not the gods of the religions.”

I do not have any idea if there exits a god or not, I do not know ! But again, when I am feeling down and unhappy when my words are not making any sense I go deeper into my own caves and try to find the answer why not ? I ask with this best friend of mine who is inside me all the time. I do not know if those who believe in God call this best man inside them as “God” ?

Whoever, it is I am happy that I only have one. There are people who have many friends, but for me the outer world has friends and all of them are best. I do not want to differentiate. I do not want to make any difference by stating who right and who is wrong. I do not want to say that, this person is best and the other is worse. I only see- all of my friends as the best !

I am not sure if tomorrow I will be recognized by the people as “Santosh Kalwar” or will they forget me after certain time frame. I do not even care about that but, wait a moment- life is just like that, we are here on this mother earth for some purpose and every individual has the purpose to fulfill.

As I can see- you have been doing loads of writing and you are the one of the great author of the books. I am inspired by your ideas and creation.

In my first self-publish book I have mention one chapter which states that- “My comments on Paulo Coelho’s blog.” All those comments that I have posted on this blog are availaible on this book. I do not use this for marketing purpose but I use these comments simply because these are useful to those who would like to learn and read. As time goes and life moves in more sluggish path.

I do not see if God exits or not but whatever be the circumstances, life goes on and I hope I will be able to make those who are around me remember with my names and I often do not forget them. !

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