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Life is like a stream of flowing river, it goes on and on. It flows with the flow, it is never ending. It has no end and no beginning. It is just flowing with the sense of unknown. It does not have a destination and it does not have destiny.

Life like everything else will teach you thousand lesson. There are people who live for it, there are people who live for love and there are people who live just to live. Whatever be the reality and whatever they want it from the life, has some price for it.

Nothing comes for free, you just have to pay price for every part of it. But, one thing can be free and its called satisfaction. You did something and now you have to decide either you want to be happy about it or you will not be happy about it. Whichever, way you choose will solely depend on you and you alone. There is no one who will stop you, there is no one who will tell you you did it on right way or wrong you. Only thing people will do, is listen you what you feel.

When you are happy, there will be people around you. When you are sad, there will be people around but they will not be close to you ! “Those who share happiness can find many people and those who share sadness will find only himself”.

The above quote says it all, whatever be the consequences every event in our life teaches something meaningful. Either it is hurtful or helpful. Nothing happens in life with coincidence.

Today, we might feel good and the very next day we might feel bad about something or some event. This is called a process of rising and falling. When you are in this process then you are either alone, either drunk, either hurt, either not fulfilled, either you did not get what you desired or either wants your plans to be fulfilled. When this state of process vanishes, then you are in the process of “satisfaction.” To reach to this, level requires very hard work and determination.

I am no guru on any of the subject matter that I am explaining in mybheja, but whatever I am expressing in no just random thoughts. These are the thoughts coming from a mind of a man. This man has seen the world and has experienced problems. These problems are not only his but of those he wants to express.

Anyways, I do not want to express that I am the best but I only bless without any selfishness.

With the every ounce of oxyzen intake you are in the pleasure of having alive that very second. But at the same time, somewhere in this very planet-people are not getting that oxyzen with the pleasure. The cause of this is not our stupidity but the stupidity of behaving in well suited manner. Today, there are awareness of “green” and tomorrow there will be awareness about “water”. Whatever it is and whatever it will become, who cares as long as we get our fair share of satisfaction in the environment we live in.

There is one thing and one thing in our life which keeps us alive. The word if I remember could be many but right now my bheja suggests- “hope”.
Together everything is possible.
All the dreams and desire could be made fulfilled.

All of your dreams were mine once,
But even if you are not beside me,

I will make sure it remains alive-
till the very end.

I think we do not have any hope
But my dear ! I know without you I will fear.

With you, I was fulfilled
Without you, I am without.

Nothing is permanent as my eyes see
I had mine alone and you are at those very ends.

Why are you crying with tears
With every tears, there is hope falling very near

I think I cannot make it
All your dreams which were ours alone..

What should I do if there is no hope?

If there is no hope
Let us invent it, Oh ! dear …

Do not ask me how ?
I know, with you I will make it.

Without you, I will die
With you, I will die with heart full of love !

Whatever be the case, I know I am nobody
But as long as you see me, I will be always be somebody.

Our love is just like a wine,
It takes time to mature

Well, I am afraid it was …
But why did you do this to me

When darkness prevails with mystery all around
I know, I am not at my very best

With tears in my eyes all around
I hope, I will try my very best

To invent this very hope
Without you I am in darkness,

With you, I hope I will invent the light.
Well, time changes everything.

It has changed mine and
I hope, you will have pleasure with my blessings all around…

The opinion expressed are not generalized but this is the way I express my opinion. I am sorry if some one is taking it seriously.

Have a nice weekend ! 🙂

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