Saturday night.

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here are we now, in the middle of nowhere ! A jobcuts everywhere around the globe. As the economy is going down and unemployment is getting higher. One day there will no job in this planet.

Everything will be done by machine. As the laziness sides is increasing in more general way. There will be lesser and lesser opportunity to explore. I am not generalizing but this is my point of view.

A very good Saturday to start with, there was one movie that I enjoyed and I recommend to watch you to. “The Ninth Gate (1999)”. A movie truly exceptional and one of the masterpiece.

A movie is about the book. The theme behind the movies is that, behind all book there is a story. Behind this movies also there is a story about the book. Truly exceptional and mind blowing.

To create you need creativity.

To learn you need motivation.

To admire you need study.

To think you need nothing.

To do all of these at once, you need courage.

and To not to do all of these, you need laziness in you.

How comfortable the life is, and how much more comfortable we want it to be? It depends on our logical mind. Once we think we are into the safe zone of our life, we just want to enjoy as much as comfort as possible but once we think we are in dead zone of our life, we just need to take it more seriously. We then strive for the excellence.

Nothing is far from the truth and nothing can be go beyond the truth. Everything that is done, or followed is based on the boundaries of the truth. Imagine a day, where you speak nothing but the truth. Later re-evaluate on the same subject. Did you really spoke the truth.

How about for example when you meet somebody unknown and suddenly you jump into too quickly and say, “It was my pleasure to meet you”. Did you really felt this pleasure of what you just said.

Truth is not easy to evaluate. Truth should be spoken first with yourself. Those who just want to show how “genius” they are spread it around them. And those who we remember as “genius” had kept inside of them for the years. They knew that, Truth is not the element which can be shown but is just had to be felt. Are you really speaking or saying what you meant? Did you spoke the truth today? A hour ago, …

Well, it can be elaborated and any thing can be said on this matter. Whatever it is, or whenever it might begin or start just follow and listen to what you want in life. It is the matter of the fact that, nobody comes easy. But again, it depends on how quickly you want or need them for yourself to be get it done. !

Have a great weekend ! 🙂

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