Prediction of President, 9 months ago !

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No one would have thought nine months ago that the black guy will become the 44th President of the United States of the America, except me. I am neither futurist nor any economist on this issue. Was I guessing that President Obama will surely become the president? No, certainly not. I knew it. I do not know from when or where but somewhere deep down to my heart I knew that, the change is coming to the United States of America.

As the word “change” is concerned, it is the only thing which is going to be permanent in this recent century. It is because of the change, we are alive. It is for the change we want to live a life. It is due to the change we see pleasure of happiness, joy, sorrow, and many different tastes in our lives. The campaign and the election were just started and I did not know what’s going on in United States of the American then, some 10-11 months ago. But suddenly, I heard it from a friend that, “Obama a black guy, has been elected for the president”. I was then surprised to go through and Googled the key word-“Obama”. I found loads of interesting videos which delivered equal message of equality, liberty and national unity. I was deeply moved and inspired by the speech that was delivered by President Obama.

Then later that night, I realized what is important? Is it the message of the change? Yes, it was! I could not stop my enthusiasm to that end; I quickly visited the web pages of the Obama presidential election and started to write some articles on these web pages. No body gave any comment on those articles till date. I wonder why? As, couple of days ago when President Obama was elected still no body has gone through my president prediction.

However, that is not important- The most important idea now is- How is United States of the America really going to stand up as the world leading nation? Is everything going to be restructured or re-envisioned through the eyes of new president or is it going to be the same? Only the time will tell, if Change is really being implemented through different perspectives.

The three words which is most important now is- “Yes, we can”. How about in soon future, “Yes, we did”!


Here is the article that I wrote then, on Feb 6th, 2008 at 3:08 pm EST

Yes, I am certain that this guy will be the next president of United States of America. The past speaks a lot about the future. Barack Obama Past was full of pain, hardwork and total devotion towards his country. It seems that he has been supported by mainly youth of America. If youth of the Number one country supports him that really means this guy has got some talent. He has- No doubt about it. I just saw one video on you tube from his official website and I am impressed the way he speaks and the way he expresses himself. He is the next president of United States. I know this is just a hope and hope is always good when it comes to achieving the happiness because both these two simple word starts with “h”. People might say that this guys is being optimistic or something but I am certain and sure. If USA needs some change and wants to serve their country surely they will have to give votes to this guy. I myself have never given vote till date. Imagine if I were a citizen of this country I would have proudly gone there to give him my vote, because I know and I am certain that I will get some thing on return. He will not turn down my request or he will not ignore me just like that. What has Bush done to America? During his time, America was unnoticeable country to all other countries. To speak and to do is quite different. People should always learn from the Finnish Culture of believing in “doing” rather than wasting time and energy is wasting time “speaking”. It depends though, It is always good to say that “I have done something then I will do this or that” My good luck to Barack Obama I don’t know weather any citizen of America will give him a vote or not but If I were you- I would surelyhave.

Next President of United States is Obama who will most likely clear the rule of certainly Osama…Yes, it is funny statement but it is true. The day Obama become president from that day onwards the journey of Osama will end. I think they were enemy from their very past. Before their birth! You don’t think so? They have very common name Osama and Obama just replace “b” with “s”. Since b always comes early in alphabet surely Obama is going to be the winner.

My wishes to Barack Obama, Next President of United States of America!!!

You can find the similar articles on the Obama Web pages at-

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