Hired and Fired

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the dynamic world, everything changes in the flick of the seconds. The story will never end until you are alive. Hear a very good news to those ears would take it more pleasantly, sooner Mybheja is going to be fired because the company is having a layoff soon.

What a good news to those ears which were desperate to listen something unpleasant from my side. Life is just like this, it is never stable. Nothing is secure in this planet. When I thought, there would be something secure and stable. The entire organizational structure is going to be changed.

For those who think I am the luck one, please be proud and happy than ever after. For those who think I am now the unlucky one, Thank you very much for the concern and I hope the same does not apply in your life.

World is not the end for your worries. I am writing this and at the same time laughing watching my faces on the mirror thinking that, it is now time to go back home?

I hope there is enough to survive back in the country. Although, the world is moving in faster lane and changes are showing greater impact on personal and corporate world. Life does not end here.

Happiness should be shared with every one but the sadness has to be remained with you and you alone. The reason of keeping the sadness in your life, is because it will teach you the lessons.

The lessons that you learned in life will always be with you but once you share the same lesson with every one it becomes experience. The most important thing to sha

I think you were flying in the sky now it is time to take off !
Welcome to the ground zero, Mr Bheja. !

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