Words are speechless.

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Some times in life, we have to take things as they are and not the things as they might will be. Imagination is unbounded. It has no limit. Every individual in this earth has great ideas. All these ideas are not countable. The ideas that are liked by many is countable.

Some times we have to make compromises based on these ideas and the hypothesis that we believe or we make our own world. Believing in what is unknown makes you realize that you are close to that unknown.

People are inventing everything from scratch. It is very easy. The invention is an art accepted by like minded people. Those who do not accept, they are not inventors. Those who admire are advivsers. Those who create are called creators. Those who develop are called developers. How about those who do not do anything ? Should they be called “users”.

The process of Nature is divided into two major categories. One is that which gives and another is one who takes. Nature gives and we take. WE give and Nature takes. The process is bi-directional. It occurs every time we desire it to occur.

Nothing is independent in itself. These random thoguhts are generated inside my random mind. I cannot understand why it is always empty. The mind is all the times filled with content. These content are acheived from or gained from memorable experiences, lesson learned and careful observation.

When you know yesterday that, “Mrs. A is bitchy, you will make an assumption that she will show same kind of behavior today as well”. How about changing the attitude ? Will that be possible ? We can easily try to change the attitudes of those around us but how about changing our one ? How easy or difficult the process is?

However, These random thoughts are generated in my mind and I do not have to go anywhere to check for the problem. For some, it could be seen as problem and for some it could be seen as creativity.

Whoever sees in whatever way, the end result is does these content make an any sort of impact on your mind or not ? Do you really want to learn what I am trying to say with these thoughts. Did you realize what is missing on these content with the title. Are you really satisfied ?

You do not have to let me know. Just ask yourself. Where are you visitng. From one page to another.In serch of what ? You are the same person who is searching “Sex” on the Google and you are the same person searching “God” in another Google Search Page. Why do you maintain two different identity of lust and religiousness. What is good or bad with multiple identities ?

Whatever it is, these are some kind of patterns that we as the human generate and most of the times these patters are quite similar to one another.

Well, The words are speechless since the words do not have mouth of expression. These speechless mouth of expression are thoughts of that individual who does not know what he is writing.

Therefore, It is good to go back and search again “…” on some web pages. Good luck ! Watch out, you may really find what you are looking for. Be aware of God visiting your room some day. I am waiting for the explanation to be heard.

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