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Stupid me! (Part II)

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was again a different day then the previous day. It also gave some bad memories which is really stupid. I know no body is born perfect in the world. We all have our fare share of luck in some aspects of the life and we have to struggle in some other departments. I always have difficulty of looking up the map and visiting the places. I really hate it. Today was the really the exciting day. I was in hurry to catch the train and deep inside me, there was this stupid friend of mine who was saying to me that, “Mybheja, this is not the right train”. Again, I am so intelligent to listen to this stupid friend of mine. More than 90% of the time I do what this stupid friend of mine says to me. But today, I thought why not to try something else. I was ready for the adventure.

Suddenly, the ticket checker asked for the ticket in Finnish. I was observing that there were people around who had the ticket but in different form and shape then I did. I felt like, my stupid is very near to be true. The ticket checker came closer to me and then asked, “Where is your ticket?” I felt, I have to show the ticket that I had. But again, this was a mistake. I was wrong and my stupid friend was right. He was saying it right that I have landed in the wrong train. However, I felt that this is really getting exciting. How can I forget the right train? I know there lays a stupid part of me. Sometimes, I do stupid things by not listening to my stupid friends and completely ignoring him.

Later, an old Finnish lady was just sitting near me. She felt pity with my looking at my pity situation. She suggested me to get down to the right place and then she showed me which train I should take back. I was really surprised to see some old Finnish lady speaking “English”. Most often, there are very few old people in Finland who can speak proper understandable English with Foreign people. This time I listened to my stupid friends and my stupid friend suggested me that, “I must listen to this old Finnish lady”. As, Suggested I listed to him and got an overall idea on how to go back from the place where I mismanaged the whole scenarios of taking the wrong train.

After a mesh, I finally managed to get back to the place where I really wanted. Thank you the old Finnish Lady and thank you my stupid friend whom I always have to listen to. If I compare today with the yesterday, then probably I felt good today than yesterday. Monday is always mentally challenging and Tuesday was physically. However, these both days gave a different experience all together.

Listening to the Stupid Friend of mine does not really make me Stupid but most often when I try to ignore it, then I am being Stupid among all around me.

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