Saturday Times.

October 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Without thinking it is always good to write. When you are thinking then you are not able to write in proper manner. This is often in my case. The flow of the words comes automatically before even i think.

But once I start thinking on the structure and the grammar of what I have written then it stops. I do not know how these grammar and structure has to do anything with the message that you want to spread.

May be it is because, English has some rules and that has to be followed to reach wide range of audience. Once these rules are not followed in proper manner then people will not understand in clearly and properly.

As there are many language in the world. All humans do not understand what others people are speaking or saying to them. We have one common language and it is good that we can speak in one common language with others who cannot.

In the race of my vs yours. Everything is going to cripple one day. It is just the matter of time. when the times comes, it will go down to the earth and fall down to heaven.

Nothing is here for the entire life. Most of the people in the world do not want to give. Why ? They do not want to give because they think whatever they own is for themselves and there family.

I earn for me and myself. The fight here is with our inner self and not with the others around. The person who can fight with the inner self can easily fight with any culture or environment. It does not meant that you have to be conservative and not be open. You can be open and conservative at the same time. It depends on how much you can give.

If you can give then you are man full of respect an full of diversity in you. If you cannot give then you are not being as respected as those who can give. There are always two things which are very important. These are “giving” and “taking”. The person who can give can also take but the person who knows only to take and not to give are not the real person in the world.

Giving can be anything and taking can be anything. It depends on how we perceive things. I am not classifying any person here as givers and takers but I am just putting the view on what kind of path one can take.

When you give, you are free, you are open to anything. You know what you are doing and you know the basics of what going around you.

When you are taking then you are not able to give in that case you should learn how to give. Everything can be achieved when you try to learn from your personal interest. Ask the question- how ? then you will get the right answer.

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