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Random stuffs.

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just another day, with sun blazing with hope and anticipation. The dream of getting something done new and dream of many worries to come to the point where it can be solved needs further attention and hard work.

I was pleased to see my pictures on the face book. Especially from the AIESEC- Seminar last weekend. It is always nice to see the pictures.

I was checking my astrology today and here is what they have to say, “It could be healthy to let go of a career path or a job that didn’t entirely suit you. Just because you might not yet be secure on the new path doesn’t mean that you can’t have success if you keep trying. Move ahead with confidence in your instincts and abilities.”

I thought is it really correct ? or is it the way I am feeling right now but soon I realized that it is correct. Some times we do not want to believe about these astrology but it is really good to accept what they say. By accepting it does not mean that I have to do what they are asking us to do but I can just follow or know or check if that is really correct with my own life.

Besides the Astrology, The first book by Mybheja called- “Nature God” is accepted for the world-wide distribution. Therefore, Soon you will have chances of buying the book from the online retails shops. e.g. Amazon and others.

I hope it will give some inspiration to my dear readers. Any comments, feedback are heartily welcome.

I hope you have a great day. !

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