A man full of truth inside.

As usual,life is running in the roller coaster. It travels in the faster pace then never before. Sometimes I realize that, it is not the life which is traveling in the faster pace but it is just my imagination which moves faster than my knowledge.

Talking about imagination, Einstein has rightly said that-“Imagination is better than knowledge”. I think he is right. When a person imagines something- there is no limit, it is open, his mind is free, he does what he think is really good for him/her, he goes far beyond any boundaries, he is open to accept and give, he is selfless, he has no personal desires, he thinks, and then he behaves very childish, people might look at him as if- the person who is imagining is mad, psycho, looks weired and strange but he is similar to those who are existing in the earth. Only difference he has-“he is able to see what everybody has seen but he can think what nobody has thought”. He is the the person full of imagination. You can call him a a man full of truth.

Later today, I was reading a article about “existence of human evolution being stopped”.
You can find the article at the following link-

Here is what I have to say, in response.

Human evolution prediction is good topic to catch the readers attention. A reader will surely go through the article and think that there are no more human evolving in the near future. I want to ask, Professor Steve Jones that, “how can you predict that tomorrow you are going to be hit by a car ?” or tomorrow you are going to meet some accident ? Can you predict that ? Forget about tomorrow, the very next second or the very next clock tick cannot be easily predicted, how can you be so sure that human evolution has come to an end ?

It is good to catch the readers opinion and show that, “my prediction is going to happen”. There has been no one who can predict without being predicting about himself.

Evolution will not stop, it will alway be in constant movement. It will stop only when the existence of human will be no longer. I do not know, if we evolved the way it is taught in the books but I think, it is just a “sugar for my tea”.

I hope, your hard work is based on correct facts !

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