Good morning, Mybheja. How are you doing ? I am just fine. I woke up early in the morning and saw outside my window-there was green every where. I then suddenly realized that am I now in 18th century or is this just a hallucination !

After several attempts of rubbing my eyes-Now I realized that, NO-it was not green everywhere but there were loads of big sky rocketing houses, thousand of cars, busy street full of people and nothing but the smoke.

The streets are crowded,people are rushing for reaching for their dreams and finding the right path towards their destiny. Does it come along your way or do you have to search for it?

How many times we have to choose and rechoose the path or our destiny simply because we landed up in wrong path.

The definition of the life is as the way we want it to put. Some one can say, “life sucks”, other can say, “life rocks”. It depends on our vision for our won life. There are two ways to look at it, one in general way and another in our own way. Our own way will tell others how we can define the term life in our case and general way has to be first understood better by using some methods and later can be said that life in general can sometime suck and sometime can rock.

Whatever be the case, path can also be defined in our own way, it can be defined the way we want to define it. Surely, it is good idea to listen what others say or what other tell us about the aspects in our life.

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