Fresh Start

It has been some time now I have not updated my blog. My readers might have thought that this blog is going to die or something. The fact is that, when you start something new, it takes loads of time and effort to understand the basic behinds the working of something new.

When you hate something, there is the time when you have to do the same. Every work is the result of hard work. I do not know how people feel about me or what kind of opinion they keep about me but I do not have anything for anybody. I mean to say that, there is nothing in my mind except the respect to the people I know.

Now, I sound as if I am the President of the Country. Well, this is what happens when you move from one place to next. The place I am now is called Helsinki, The capital of Finland.

As, Capital of the every country is crowded and developed. A country can be known progress by the progress of the capital. It has been now couple of days, here in Helsinki. It seems everything is moving very fast, metros, buses, railways, cars and people.

There is rush everywhere, it takes a person from Lappeenranata some time to adjust the environment of the Capital. Despite the fact that, I do not have any rooms or any personal apartment I have to convince my brothers who are here in Capital. These guys are more good than I have ever expected.

I think I am getting a good homely kind of environment wherever I go and visit. Work is work; any kind of work is boring. Since there is some thing in return we get out of hard work we put into something, it is that motivation of money that drives us further to progress.

I am worried and I am terrified with the fast moving pace of this city but at the same time I am enjoying it to be part of it.

It is said that, everything comes slowly with the time and one has to put little effort everyday which will one day give show good progress of anything that we do. I do not know that right now but I hope it works as if it is said.

The new beginning is what I am looking forward to, let us see what happens next in my life and what I can deliver to the world around me. I pray to God, for all those who are connected to me in one way or another, and I pray for there utmost success and happiness.

Cheers !

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