Unanswered Questions.

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was surprised to see my blog being visited two thousand times within just three months of the time. It is really a good news for the blog and my heartily congratulations to all my beloved readers.

I am very happy that people usually find something useful from my writings too. I apologize for the common grammatical mistakes and when I can not really edit my blog at times.

Today in Mybheja this is the four hundred article which I am going to write. Today Post is somewhat related with the killings that happened yesterday in Finland. It is very sad that, some body can go crazy like that and start shooting like a mad person.

I was thinking why some one who looks perfectly find start doing such an stupid act. It is shame not only for the country but also for the whole entire people living in this beautiful country, Finland.

Finland has been recognized as one of the suitable place and one of the best place to live, peaceful and very silent. But why some one who do not have any purpose will act and do something like that.

Gunfire at the school and killing innocent children and later to himself. The purpose cannot be explained but the situation was similar with around nine or eight months ago the same happening happened near Helsinki region.

Two major crime within less than a year, is it going to come again ? One of the question to be asked, is it because of the mental pressure a human gained before starting the shooting or what would have been the reason behind the shooting ?

I do not know, but I think the reason is the technology. The country where people are fond of using the Guns for hunting in the woods, some day will turn up and start hunting in the school.

I said, it is technology because what I think is that, people wants to earn a fame. If you can examine the situation- the guy first puts his video on the youtube and later after putting it in youtube the following morning he performs the act which might have been unknown to himself too.

I do not know what was going on his mind when he uploaded the picture on the Youtube. If I were him, I would firstly think how can I increase the number of visitors on my link in the Youtube.

To increase the number of visitors and the may be because of the Internet addiction this guy had, it caused the killing of nine other innocent people.

Why should I be worried about it ? This is the question that comes in those mind which are not involved directly in such happenings but we should not ask why should we be worried about the incident or the person who did it.

Only question remaining now is that, is this the beginning ? Will it continue more later in near future. What will happen when people will start to do the same kind of activity all around the world ?

Is technology or the content present in the Internet is resulting in such kind of anxiety or anonymous behaviors in the human or is it just a abnormal human behavior.

Whatever, it might be- these all questions remain unanswered till date.

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