Heart full of love.

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Life is all about love. There is nothing in life without love. Life is all about you and me. In between you and me there is only one element which keep this bond alive. It is love,Dear !

Life is all about the story between you and me. I cannot see anything beyond the story which is result of our love.

There will be thousand problems and I will have to solve these problems every day, but I could not do it without you. There will be early morning rise of the sun, this rise will bring joy and hope to prosper the strength in my body. It will give me energy to wake up and start the to work but besides all that I will always need your support and love.

I know I hate it some times when you are close to me, all the time. I do not know why, but I hope it is because I am too puzzled with my own problems that I do not want you to get involved in it and get puzzled too.

May be I will realize the day when I am far from you, the distance between you and me will let me remind that- There is nothing in life except love. The love between you and me. The story that are in my memories of your jokes, our sharing of moments and most importantly your care.

For being a man, I know I have a child within. I am aware of the fact that- a man needs support of the mother when he is early in the age, 1-16 years of age. Support of the women in her life 16- and this women is you.

In love, people have made Taj Mahal. They have done loads of charismatic and romantic activities that My love, I will today and every day will do.

I am not afraid of how and why, simply because I know there is nothing in life except you, me and our love; Nothing.

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