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Who are you? Who is your persona? Who do you think you are and what you are forced to do to behave so you can survive in the society.

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I will not say this is the bad question neither will I say this is good question. Now can you tell me, what is the question ?

The above statement holds true for the question being asked. It is about person or persona, it is about you. It is about me or us. It is about understanding who you are, what you do and why are you here ?

Who can answer this except you and you alone. The “you” does not refer to some body else but to oneself. It is our duty to understand us. The persona and person can have many meanings from many previous linguistic policing but I do not know what that has to do with the question being asked.

If some body asks me the question here is what I have to say them, “I am nobody”. I tell them I am nobody because I really do not know who am I or who I am. When I do not know who I am how can I tell who am I ?

When we know something then it is always easier to talk about the same in general public but once you do not know who you are what would be your answer ?

Your answer should be-“I am nobody”. Why? Because,Right from the consciousness we assume we are some body and we want to become somebody. We may like some famous writer, we may like to the famous Football star, we may even want to be rock artist but all these identity is not of you or you alone but of some body else.

When we try to take the identity of others and establish ourselves in the footmarks of those who had done in their related field. It is difficult process, what we are doing is not doing of what we think or we imagine or we envision but we are doing of what somebody else has already done long long ago.

A person can be divided like this- per+son=son of one. I do not know what is the meaning of “son of one”. Does it mean that we are the son of one ? But what does that one has to do with son.

Is it somewhere telling us that we are the son of the one and only one which is existing in our earth and that one is “Nature”.

Now let me ask the Father Nature that who am I ? When I ask father Nature who am I? He does not speak but shows me that, you are nobody. This is again my assumption that I am nobody. I have assumed that I am nobody because Father Nature does not tell me anything.

When there is nothing coming in return from the Nature what should I assume it to be ? Am I a Engineer, or am I am Doctor? These are the profession that we learn and we adopt to that profession because these profession gives us livelihood.

Profession has nothing to do with personality or person. A person is single and it is the matter of question itself that how much it desires the answer.

I can write an entire book on these questions but how many readers would read my book. It does not make any difference in the humans mind simply because we are used to reading the same stuff time and again.

And most importantly, we like to see the changes and that is good thing because the Nature of nature itself is change. A person changes and shouts these questions in different environment and finds that the answer still remains the same.

Well, I have to stop here for the moment because I might end up writing a book, Will it be possible Paulo for you to review it?

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