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One of the friend send me the pictures in my email and I liked this picture so much that I am writing something about it. Look carefully at the picture and look again. Look for some minutes and now compare these picture with your life. Think about your life with this picture and ask one question to yourself- Are you happy ?

The happiest people in the world are not with blue collar shirts and working in big multinational companies. The happiness lies in sharing emotions together. Happiness lies in being satisfied with what you have got not with what you will get in future.

Happiness is taken very seriously in many ways in the life. Some times happiness is just measured with the person who smiles is thought as happy, some time we read something about the great people and stories about them and we think those people are very happy. Money can never buy you happiness, neither can marriage or any relationship does not come with package of “happiness”.

Happiness is being, happiness comes along with satisfied mind. The worry face does not say that a person is happy or not happy. The surprising face will not tell you that if a person is happy or not. The face will just give a picture of the person but once you talk and share your emotions with others then you realize if the person is really happy or not.

Happiness and sadness are two opposite things and these two opposite have one common meeting point. The meeting point is that sadness will always remain with you. It is in you. It can come any times as is happiness. But happiness doesn’t stay longer. Sadness will with you all the time. It is your best friend, (if you do not have one.)

Therefore, happiness is a very good thing and again, it can be bad thing, It is bad because it will remain with you only for very short period of the time and after that it will go away. It is momentary,it comes and goes with the moment. It is due to the fact that you had a pleasant moment in your life and that pleasant moment is somewhere stored in your memory that always reminds you about it.

It keeps on coming, and you think about the moment and you never stop thinking about it over and over again. You like it so much that you think you are the happiest person in the world. But, you are not. You can be happy only when you are satisfied with what you have and you do not expect anything from your life. Can we be satisfied with what we have ? Never, simply because we are human beings and it is rooted in us that, we always are in need of something. We always want more.

The pictures speaks more than my words. Look again at that picture and related to your life in past and now in present. See what you have achieved. Look in the mirror and ask yourelf if you are really happy with your luxurious things or you were happy when you did not had any of those material possessions.

The most important thing in life is to satisfy your needs together with those who care about you. The most important thing can be achieved by knowing your self and your own life together with those around you. It is easy.

It does not matter if I do not have a car
It does not matter if I cannot buy you a house.

Only thing that matter is my dear, I care more than myself about you.
I may live longer but I do not know that
Because I know who am I
and I care will die one day saying, “I loved you” so much.

It does not matter if I do not have enough money
I will rest assure you that, I will work hard to feed us.

It does not matter, if I am alone and you are far.
Distance cannot tear our love apart

I hope it all pays off one day
Together we will see this day

It does not matter whatever my words say
I know we will land up one day in the paradise

It does not matter if it will be heaven or hell
but It matters that you will be with me…

Happiness is not known to us
but we will share this broken bed,
Our kids may sleep together in it
Our dogs may sleep together with us

It does not matter if we do not have golden bed
It does not matter if we do not have pet rooms
It does not matter if we do not have our child room

Only thing that matter would be you.
Only thing that matter would be us, together in a room.
Sharing our satisfaction of being all together.

Having fun, and being satisfied with all we have done.

It does not matter …

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