I hope they do.

September 1, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

What if your dream is very near and you suddenly loose your dream. What if you are very close to winning but just in a second you loose. What if you were the first in the race suddenly with the flick of your eyes you become last.

These questions are not joke. It happens to us. Some of us have even gone through these circumstances in our life too. What are the major phenonomen or why are these step making us think that we are not getting what we would have got.

Why most of the times we have to think that we are making the error in our life and nothing good is going on. What happens if something always works perfectly and just in a sudden twist of the time it changes all along.

What would you do then ? Will you die just thinking you have not achieved what you dreamed of or will you survive to do it all over again ? All the our pleasures lies in pain. Either the pain is of some one or you yourself, it depends.

The mind is the chooser and it choses that which you do not have in the first circumstances. Why do not people have the satisfaction of what they have. We always are looking for the change and the change does not come automatically. You have to go and fetch it then it will come along your way.

The vision is unlimited and you simply need a thinking to make your vision a reality. Those people who are on the top of bureaucracy are doing nothing in the context of country development.
Some time back, I used to read the newspaper of what is going on the context of Nepal and what are those who are leading all the way are doing but now I think I have to look again and see that nothing is going on in this context any longer.

As I cannot see any difference in terms of our country development I think we have to think again. Do we really need a political bullshit ? Why do we need those leaders and those people who are useless ? Why do we need those people who are just a statute and nothing more than that.

Why ?

Every body will give me an opinion and opinion is only the personal things. It has nothing to do with the development in any respect. Why don’t any of the leader stand up and say that-
“I will not try, I will do”. Why ?

Why don’t any of the leaders simply say that “I have done”. Doing and having done something is always a different thing. Those leaders who says, they have done are doing nothing and those who have have done and do not say are already a great leader.

We need such great leaders to lead our country. Come on, When will I see my dreams becoming reality. When would my son wake up from the peaceful sleep saying, “Dad, lets go and play”. When ?

These question will always be remained unanswered. I do not know if they will ever be answered by our country leaders. I hope they do.

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