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do you think that in order to believe in yourself you have to renounce first to all other beliefs?

People talk, people say but I do not have words to talk and the people to say anything. Every day has the new beginning and every body see the new day as the totally new. The journey between the two person can lead to one destination or can also not lead to any other destination.

While I was writing the blog here I visited the Paulo’s blog and I found the question of the week-
do you think that in order to believe in yourself you have to renounce first to all other beliefs?

Here is what I have to say in response to his questions.

Before asking if God exist or not or do we really believe in God ask that-Do we exist in this planet ? “I don’t believe in Mantra .. I don’t believe in Jesus.. I don’t believe in Beatles ..” all these verse are of the Single person who says he does not believe in any one except him.

To believe in yourself, is the first lesson of “believing”. The first thing any humans should do is to believe themselves and then if necessary believe in others.

If somebody is asking me, the question- who are you ? I would simply say- “I am nobody”. It is because I do not know who am I. I am no one to everybody. I do not know who am I ? The first lesson is alway to understand your self. Learn from you and then see what that means in real world.

Life from the start to the end is full of lesson. We learn, we then think weather we should share or not the lesson that we have learned in our life. In the process of understanding “sharing” we forget that we are not going to take anything from this earth.

We came empty handed and we will go empty handed. It does not mean that we should feel depressed and become lonely and live in silence but it means that we should first understand ourselves.

There were no God and there would be no God. It is just our imagination. There were no power and there would be no powerful human being existing in this earth to save our lives.

There would be only us, there would be only the Nature. There would be only the rocks, mountains, river, trees and so on which would be existing forever and ever. It will not go anywhere. Any super power we are going to get tomorrow is from the Nature, to the Nature and on the Nature.

Understanding oneself is very essential to understand those who we believe in like Jesus, Buddha, and many more. The first question for those who ask the religion, I would ask them is- “who are you?”. If anyone can answer me who he/she is then surely he will be able to answer the question weather or not they believe in God or not.

Any power can be achieved from the mother earth, any power can be achieved from the Nature and any kind of power will be destroyed by the Nature again. I recommend Nature because it has many different meaning. One is Environment which we can see by our senses and other is our own which we have to feel by ourselves.

Believing or not believing is not the question but it is the matter of trust. How often do you trust the person who said once to you that- he will never have an affair with another women in his entire life and the Next day you see the same person sleeping with the some body else in her bed.

The human who will do anything for the “words that once came from his mouth” is the real human. Just try it one day and see if you will be able to do it. If you will then, you believe in yourself.

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