A day

The day rises with the fresh thinking on the name of the God, The god of everything, He desire then goes on to fulfill the desire unfulfilled. It passes at every new steps and each new step is the lesson learned.

As every day I look at my horoscope this is what they have to say about me today-

“There’s no getting around it; this is going to be a day of hard work! At the end of the day you may feel completely exhausted, but you can smile to yourself and say “I’ve accomplished a tremendous amount today! You are so inspired that you do the work of three people, and even manage to wrap up some old files that you hadn’t dared open for awhile. Ideas come to you with ease, and you make the most of them. Well done!”

I do not know what those statements means for the fresh start of the day. It says that it is going to be the day of hard work and that is absolutely correct. It is correct that every new day is different and people do many things differently in all the new day. I hope I will manage to get that two words which says- “Well done” but will it be really that way.

Will it work in the way I thought it should work or would it even match those as said. How many of us believe that it works as it should work or how many of do not believe anything at all. Everything we do and everything we want to do are not the same many of the times.

I remembered yesterday few lines which were inspiring for some reason but I do not know what was that.

It is good to see what the “stars” are saying for the day but many of the times it does not happen in the way we want them to happen simply because there is something unpredictable going on all the time,every moment,every time and all the time.

Every work has something new way of doing it. It is good experience to experience. It is good that people are alive and living as the normal life. I have seen the difference in the people who are from east and the people who are from the west. I do not know the connection but people are motivated

There is no difference between whites and black, only difference lies in our eyes. Inside the white there is black and inside black there is white. I do not see any connection. I do not know why there is fights for the racism, I do not know why. Why people are looking after the differences and not the similarities. What is the main reason that people are looking after peoples in different ways.

People are same every where and the difference is not today of culture, country, race or religion. The difference is within us. The greatest difference we create lives in our mind constantly and that has to be eliminated.

As mind keeps on changing we keep on changing our activity related to our mind too. The process continues in the similar fashion.

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