Tutoring in LUT …

“You are currently torn between the idea of living alone in the world, free to lead the life that you see fit, and the idea of sharing your life and path with someone else. This question will continue to come up in your life, and will be especially nagging during periods when you are not pursuing a creative activity. Interesting connection, don’t you think?”

How am I currently torn between the ideas of living alone in the world ? I know that living along seems very good idea but I think it is very simplest of answer from the difficult puzzle of problems in our every day life.

Well, to some extent yes but how done one find the connection between living along and nagging during the periods when we are not pursuing a creative activity.

“Today you may be feeling a little stressed out and not your usual self. This could well bring a rush of sympathy from your current love partner, who’ll probably want to stay in and take care of you. This solicitousness could cause you to feel a rush of warmth, affection, gratitude, and physical passion. The latter may wake you up to the fact that you’re already getting better. Have fun!”

The first and the last paragraphs are the statement given to me by the God. He says those facts and he explains what I am going through today during these 24 hours circle. To some extent that is absolutely true. It is true that I am not feeling good and I have little more stress than usual. I do not know who loves whom or what love is so I could not currently explain what love is.

May be every thing depends on time and time will only tell when to do what. When you are handling multiple task at the time surely one will feel the stress in the body also in the mind. The act of knowing or understanding something is very important to understand or even start to behave in proper manner.

Lot of new faces are coming up in the University now, loads of achievements, plans and dreams are in those eyes which look very innocent to me.

I do not know how long it will take to reveal the secrets behind those innocent eyes. It might take some time for all those new people to get used to the environment, with the people, with the ordinary and extra-ordinary lecturers, with new city and many more stuffs.

I hope God bless them all who have the dreams in there eyes to think big, and to do well not only for themselves but for every one around them. I hope that all those dreams of those want it in any cost would be fulfilled with very less tears during the winter of the Lappeenranata.

I hope all those dreams would one day become reality again, with the early morning rise of Sun during the summer soon. I hope all no body would be left with the dreams unfulfilled. I simply hope I would see the smiling faces every day I meet these new people, I hope in hope…

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