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Code camp and the entire nights.

Can you imagine the person who can wake up and work entire night till the day and again next day for more than 48 hours working in a Code camp organized in the University at the 17th International Summer School organized at the Lappeeranta University of Technology.

We were the group of four with Arsi,Bishal,Me and Mubin. It is amazing to work and help each other for the project. The entire idea is to learn the new language and code entire day and night non-stop.

I do not know how we managed but to some extent we did. Despite the fact that we are tired, the every new step or the every new statement of the new language makes it feel as if we won the race. We are not fighting here for the “Best code ceremony” but we are fighting here for every single line which we suceed without any errors.

I really appreciate the idea of working through the code camp and do it for the learning something new all the time. As the time are limited I know we have very limited time and we do not usually finish what we intend or plan but similar with us many of our friends also have the same limitation of lack of time. It is good that we have restriction on the time too. Once we have limtation of the time we would have to do it in proper way.

This might be my last code camp but I know it is the just the new beginnig for the coding in my life. I always think what we lack in our developing world is such kind of “codecamp”.
Why do not our Nepali goverment organize the codecamp in the university ? Why do not they fund the university for the good projects and just waste there money in stupid politics.

Nothing is going to happen if the situation is similar in our country. It is just simply going to be worse and worse. Why do not those people at top- have a dream to make Nepal as Nepal ? I do not know why and I will never understand why.

Is it the personal goals or is it for the money and filling the bank account. What is it for ? I cannot understand most of the times why ?

Whatever be the case, It is good to learn “python” and write a code for Nokia N810 hand held device.

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