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what do you associate with the mountains?

In response to Paulo coelho question in his blog-

Moutains can be associated with anything. It is the height that matters in the world. It is associated with the peak, height, the length near to the sky, I belive that it is mostly associated with love. The symbol of “love” could be the best example one can associate the mountains with. It can also be associate witht he sucess and failure.

The failure is measured in the downfall or the lowest level of the mountain and the success could be measured as the top most level of the mountain.

Love is the best which can be easily associated with the mountains. When a two person is in love, either they climb up the hill and slowly if any one of the partner is not able to climb up the hill then it does not reach to the top of the mountain and none of them are able to reach to the place which is called “love stage”.

Either you climb up or you do not climb at all. Once both the partner are on the top of the mountain they are into the state called love stage. In this stage they cannot stay longer simply because they have to climb it down to the bottom of the mountain again. Therefore, love is just momentary state where it does not remain for longer.

It is not lust but similar to the sex where once a person is doing sex after that he will again come to the normal stage. Likewise, mountains can be associated with the love.

None of the two person can stay there on the top of the mountain simply because one is quite afraid of height or another is not willing to stay there for longer or some other alternative reasons. But once both the people can manage to stay on the top of the mountain that means they are truly in love and they do not care about what is goin on the below the mountain down to the village.

Just simply imagine that, there is a single traingular shaped mountain on the earth and there are villages down to the earth. Two person, either male or female or male or male or whatever who think they are in love now tends to climb the mountain. Slowly they start to climb the mountain and they find it very difficult. One person is trying to climb from one side and next is trying to climb from another side.

They can some how communicate in between these mountain but they do not know if other person is also climbing in the mountain or not. Because of their relationship is based on the mutual “trust”, they belive each other and start to climb the mountain from either sides.

Slowly they start to climb one person from one side and next from the another side. They face difficulties besides they trust each other and climb. This process is called as “rising in love”. When you are in love, most of the times people say that you are “falling in love” but once you are in love, I think you are rising in love.

Slowly you start to rise in love, in the big mountain you think you will reach to the top and assume your partner wil do the same but if there is lack of trust or feeling of not reaching to the top or not thinking that the person who is climbing from the other side will really meet in the top then in that condition the other person will not reach to the top.

When both the partner will not reach to the top, then they are not in love. And the mountain shows how difficult it is to be in love. But once when both the partners are in love, they will reach to the top and they will show that love is all what we gain at the top of the mountain.

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