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Nature Suckers and Scalds

It is quite amazing to feel the experience of finally sitting in the ferry just near the window and see the water being flowing around it. While I am writing this article, I am sitting in good room near the window and watching from the window the water in the sea going far from me and the feelings of ferry going forward.
As every event has an end, this event Scalds 2008 has finally come to an end. It is really difficult to see the people who we met some 5-6 days ago as complete strangers and right now, they seems as if we had a very good relationship with all of these delegates in the conference.
I am rally impressed by the way SCALD 2008 conference was held. It was yesterday official dinner party which was something unique to see because I have never ever been to such official dinner party in the Scandvia. It was funny for me in the sense, I did not brought my official suit but I asked my room mate for a help and he stood up and so easily managed to find me the suit. I learned the lesion from that, especially when there is official parties please do wear the nice suit or do not forget to take one.
The relationship between the ferry and me is nothing, it is just like a transportation or the way to travel but thinking now, I guess it is not just only the transportation but simply your care taker or mother for example. It takes care of you from the moment you are in the ferry and take you to your final destination at the end. It shows you what to do and what to enjoy, it gives you an impression that look, I have long way to go, look I am finding the way through this deep ocean, Every bit of the moment that I am making in this huge ocean is one step of the victory which for me and to you as well.
I will take you to your destination and every moment I am fighting for it. Similarly, in our lives too we have to fight every bit not with the ocean but with our own inner strength to make the vision of reaching to the destination into reality.
Yesterday, we have our home group Roll calls, the roll calls are basically a kind of shout which a specific home group make. We had a totally different roll call besides anybody else. It was amazing… The name of the group was one of my creations in the home group. I thought it in the bus while we were travelling to the Fiskeboda, Sweden.
I really felt it good in a sense, every body agreed on what I thought about the Name and they appreciated the name too. It was something funny but I tried to give some meaning to why? This particular name and not other. The name was- “Nature Suckers”.
How do I come up with this name? There are many other questions beside that too, Nature is the fundamental thing we are quite aware of, we learn right from our childhood about the Nature and its relevance. It has loads of stuff to give to us instead it takes all our bad stuffs very easily. Nature and women can be correlated. Nature and men can also be correlated.
Since we were saying the numbers from 1 to 10 in 10 different languages, I thought well let us break down the number separately suppose “1” and “0”. The whole world is combination of “1” and “0”. In computers there are only zeros and ones. In electricity there is only on and off and in real world we can think of women as 0 and men as 1. So some how we all are part of Nature in some ways and we are sucking it in different manners.
Today we can see the biggest problems we are facing such as global warming, flood, volcano eruption, and many more it is because we are sucking Natures and we are not aware of it. We cannot stop sucking it but some how we can bring awareness into it and try to avoid it as far as possible.
The time was there, to tell why the name was chosen as the “Nature Suckers” to all the delegates present in the conference. There were around 100 of them. I was feeling a little nervous but slowly I managed to tell the stories thanks to my home group again.
It was nice experience to be the part of conference and to gain loads of thing from it. Besides that “Finland” won the award of the “Best delegates in Scalds 2008 conference” for the active participation and presence in all the sessions, events and meetings. I was proud to be the part of Finland and representing it.

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