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What type of work gives you pleasure?

From Paulo Coelho-
“Question of the week: What type of work gives you pleasure?”

In response to question asked by Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say-

Very good question Paulo,

A question has to be well understood before putting a comment or writing an article or even writing a book about it. A nice and beautiful question is such that it gives loads of lessons in our personal, professional life.

Now, the question is- “what kind of work gives pleasure”. The question has “kind of” which is asking a variety, types or the work or many of the work or different kinds of work. It contains the word called “pleasure”. Now to associate the word such as pleasure with the different kind of the work it is not easy.

A person can do many different kind of work. He can have many different identities. He can be a son, at the same time he can also be father, a humble husband, a worker in some company and so on.

If “kind of” is related with the identities then he has to change is multiple identities depending upon the time and circumstances. But again, if “kind of” is related only with the professional work then it is relatively easier than the previous explanation.

Right from the childhood to the very end of a human study we tend to change our path or destination. We do not know what is our main goal or what are we doing with the present course work in school or present work in the office. We tend to change many of the times the work that we have been doing or the course we have been attending or any social activity we are doing at the moment. To relate with the question asked, I would ask again- Why?

The main answer to this question is that- “realize it for yourself”. The most important thing in life is to understand what do you want. Do you need a money ? Do you need a pleasure ? Do you need a nice car, or big house or some materialistic things ?

The “need” drives us to the destination. The need of something will always demand from us to do something. Therefore, it is important to understand what do you need ?

After understanding for yourself, then you do the work. The work could be anything. But once we start to work we should be able to stick to it. This is the most difficult part. It is difficult because, we get lazy and we do not again want to visit the same office every day. We do not then tend to feel as if we really are finding any pleasure in such work.

While you are working, money is important but above money “determination”, “satisfaction” and “attitude” are more important. These elements will not give you the pleasure but these will motivate you to stick or hang in to the work you have been doing lately.

Work is some how related with search of soul mate. Once we understand what kind of person will be our soul mate and we then put all our effort to maintain the relationship with him or her. Similarly, work can be many but once we match the our needs with the work we have been doing; we then tend to stick with the work in front of us.

Therefore, as we are many and all our thinking is different, our taste is different definitely one will find work A better than work B but it is not the case- the most important aspect is to understand what you need and then match your needs with the work given to you. Once this is done, you will not have to search for the pleasure because it will come automatically.

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