Lappeenranta city

Now, A place which was chosen by me before coming to Finland for the studies. The place where silence meets the late dawn with orange color all over the sky just near the lake which shows the signs of silence in heart and mind.

It was amazing when I came back from the place which was much more crowded and people all around. I thought I had really made a good decision to come to study in this place called Lappeenranata. A city of beauty and beauty which signs like the early morning sun heating the drop of water in the leaves of trees.

Thousand things in the head to be done and every time there is something new coming up once in a while. Got to do this, got to do that… It is really amazing when you have loads of things piling up at your desk and you do not find yourself being committed to do all.

Lazy Sunday, as it is. Watched a cool movie called “Raise your voice”. Amazingly written and nice story. Truly inspirational.

Sipping a cup of coffee and writing this blog about me feels good. I do not know for how long but this moment is mine and truly mine. No body will interefere me, no body will ask me anything, no body will pull my legs or no body will bother me. It is truly amazing place, a city once must visit in a life time.

Outside my windows there are green trees and calm sun light gazing and a smooth breeze blowing. There is no heaven and hell simply because everything is here; just in front of you.

Everything is infront of you, either it is heaven and hell. Maintaing this place requires loads of effort and support from all those who lives in this city. I salute to all those people who take care of the city garden, city parks, city roads and everything else. I truly appreciate their hard work even in cold winter with temperature going below -30 deg. celcius.

Feeling cannot be expressed so easily, it has to be felt. Just come once if you can and feel the experience. I wish I can stay longer than my desires will let me to. Let me be hopeful and hope is all I have.

Have a great weekend !

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