Assembly in Finland

Assembly has a great meaning in itself. It is the meeting places or some sorts of meeting acquaintances where loads of people join this big event and make it a grand sucess. These people they perform a loads of interesting things by making fine arts, building cool games, playing poker or doing loads of extreme graphic program or even just simply creating a cool web pages.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner has loads of benefit. One we get the VIP acess to the stand and next you are not checked by any securities or any camera do not follow you. You get a cool just in front of the big huge giant screen.

The event is huge sucess every year. All the crazy finns all across the city come and join the this event. All these people are very much interested into the technology stuffs and they make this event a huge sucess. One of the fasicnating thing about the event is that, most of the people are really cool in desingning or making a cool stuffs out of box.

One of the official from the Microsoft just told me that, soon Microsoft is launching one cool Photosynth program for all the users world wide. This photosynth is huge sucess already and it can take a lot of information from anywhere in the image. It can give loads of information, it can not only give the information but also give minor of the information from the picture.

Right now it is around 11:40 pm in the night and I am watching a extreme graphics program that is been displayed in front of the huge screen. These stuffs are very interesting. If you plan to come to finland please do come to visit the Assembly during this season.

There are loads of stuff happening, you just got to see where …

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