Study in Finland, think again.

Welcome to Finland a country of thousand lakes. Silence and Peace every where even the birds and animals would not like to sing a song to you. It is good that you will get personal privacy, lot of space and silence., But there are things which you will make you worry then anything else.

The bureaucracy and official stuff is very annoying. In the world, a student is same every where. Then some stupid divided the world into three phases. He called them First world,Second world and Third world. According to the economy, infrastructure and many others factors. What is the fault of student who is in third world or is in first world ? The fault is that- He does not get any benefit from his home country and he has to show that he has enough money to feed himself in Finnish land.

It will make you feel as if you are really some alien living in this world. It brings lot of psychological problem in the mind of those who come and study. I do not know what others feel but I think I have felt this way. It make me think why I was born in third world and not in the first world.

What is the fault of human living either in third world or any world ? Human is human everywhere. Yesterday, I was giving this interview and a Interviewer she asked me- what is the difference between studying in Finland and studying in your country ? I said to her that- “I do not see any difference because I see only similarities”. When we see differences in people we will get divided, that is why we are from different countries and different way of looking at others, different religion, difference in everything. But once we see the similarities we come close to other person and we connect ourselves with others.

There are lot of psychological problem one has to face when one comes in foreign land for the study. First is financial, second is study, third is personal and fourth is dealing with people in foreign land. Financial will always be kind of problem for not only third world students but to any student from any where in world. Until and unless he comes from rich family or have good savings of his own.

Study is based on hard work and effort the student puts in it. He can go miles and he can do what the world sees today as development all are with the effort of students doing hard work to foster technological innovation and for the well-being of society.

Personal is left with personal problems. One can have thousand problems but I would not discuss this because every body has their own problems and they deal with it, in there own ways.

The last one is interesting because, here I am talking about Finland and I have not seen any Finns who are not helpful or not very cool. They are one the best humans you will ever encounter in your life. They are very nice and humble. They love peace and they appreciate it. May be I have been lucky to see only good people or may be I see only similarities in them that is why I have not met any people in this land with differences of my country, religion, race or anything.

It is not good to give Visa to Foreign Student only for 1 year. May be they have to change the rule they have made. They should learn from USA or from other rest of the world where they give permission for students to stay for 5 year at once. But here we have to face the problem of psychological torture every once in a year. I do not know why they have made such stupid system. I think it really needs to be changed. It has to be changed because if one cannot afford to study surely one will not choose to study in Finland but if one thinks he can afford it, why do a person has to go through the psyhological problems of proving each time that he can really afford to study ?

It is my humble request to those who wish to come to Finland for study, please think again. If you are really financially strong then only choose your destination to study in Finland but once you think you cannot afford it please do not come here. Go to USA, as most of the people do and most of the students in our country do as well. At least you will not have to face the problems of proving that you can afford your study.

Those who are making rules to govern the country should update there rules. Those who are doing official bureaucracy stuffs should understand that humans are same everywhere. Those who do not have vision to see a peaceful world should not be given rights to make rules. If I were to make a rule, definitely I would have changed these things for the well-being of students.

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