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Question of the Week : The favorite lists

From Paulo Coelho-
“I’ve been checking in internet that people are fond of making lists, so I would like for you to tell us your favorite lists and also to elaborate on the elements of this.”

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.

I would request you Paulo, Please do not get directed by what people do in Internet but what you would like people to give from you using Internet.

To answer your question of making the favorite list. I would like to say that, there is nothing favorite for me and nothing not favorite for me. Because, Take an example of “food in front of you”. The food itself is not bad or good, it is our taste and feelings or behavior towards the food that gives an impression that it is bad or good.

I know every humans will have different list because the Difference always comes with the numbers. In the world where we should subtract the differences; we care multiplying it.

It is not good idea to sea in such a way. The taste of humans cannot be made common and none of “my interest” will match with “her interest” or “your interest”. Even if some of the things match others will remain as it is.

See one another example of your hands. A human has two hands and have you noticed that, in one hand there are 5 fingers. All these 5 fingers are different and they do not match. They are different. Today, the world has been divided just like those five fingers of a single human hand. But wait a moment, have you noticed the other hand ? There is another hand with the same types of 5 fingers and those look exactly the same as of the other hand with the 5 different fingers.

Now, if you see difference in each of them how would you be able to write, ride, play, pray, work and clap. Tell me. Please see the similarities and do not see any differences.

My own life, is solely based on the concept of seeing the similarities and not the differences in anything that my sense allow me.

If you ask me what is your favorite list I would not be able to see the difference and make a list but since I read all those comments and I too have to make one to see the similarities in what others are doing, here is what I would say-

“Earth”, “Satisfaction”, “Nature” and “Women”.

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