Solve the greater problems.

A lot of things are there in our mind and loads of things do not always get fulfilled automatically. Each of these problems we face are faced by others like us every where in the world. Many people do not like to be happy just because they have some simple problems but look at those who are living in Africa with no food to eat and no home to live.

Look at those who live there lives in Africa with “disease such as AIDS”, and problems of poverty and education. What types of world are we going to make tomorrow ? Will we be able to make the world a better place just by neglecting all those who have true inspiration to create a better world or will we just look after our own community and not to others ? It is great challenge for many who lives in peace to invite those who have broader vision for greater world and who have power to deliver good even when they live anywhere.

Tomorrow, our future will not be solved by solving our own issues but by solving the problems of those who are in need. Tomorrow, is very unknown and to figure out the unknown we must walk through the path of today. At this moment, we are busy in our day to day activity but I ask you why are we not looking after those who are facing more problems than our smaller daily problems ? We should try to seek and find some solutions to our greater problems. Example would be enormous. Some of these examples would be AIDS, Global warming,Poverty and equality, caste and creeds, race and religion and many more.

“Together we grow”, is one of the slogan of European Union. The slogan tells that there are many countries inside the europe but all these countries cannot progress single they have to be united to solve the problems of all the countries and problems of the world. I like the slogan because it has greater potential than anything else.

It is always good to remember that “United” we will develop, being united we will progress and being united we will solve our greater problems. But from the place where I come up, Nepal- a country famous for bigger mountains and birthplace of Spiritual leaders Gautam Buddha. I can see only differences in the making of the country.

I do not know what kind of differences they are creating, leaders are creating but these differences are truly non-inspirational and can lead to devastating future ahead. The land of peace has been decided to be divided on the basis of Caste. A place where there are hundreds of caste and the land division based on caste and creed is not a good choice.

As the country is highly being influenced by India and most of the products are consumed from India. These country men should stand together for the greater cause and build a nation together. But to lead the country men for the greater cause none of the leaders are motivated. All these leaders are already being sell to India. These leaders are sold to India even before they come into power.

“In a country of 100 fools, if there is one intelligent than that one intelligent also have to become a fool.” There are some people who have greater vision for the country and want to develop the Nations but the statement with quotation says it all for those very few greater visionaries.

If my seventh sense works for me, I would like to say that; In the place where people stand for the greater cause by joining hand in hand together to solve the global problems with great ideas, one must learn from them. If cannot learn one must look and observe how they progress and see how can we develop our nations too.

To live for ourself is easy, every body does it but to live for the problems faced by people else where is very difficult. Let us try and do difficult things. Easy is always easy, but those humans are humans who try to solve greater difficult problems. Even if you are not capable or you think you cannot do anything, just follow the path. It will take you there where some one in need will ask for your help.

  1. July 25, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    How can I solve others problems if I can’t solve even my own promblems? But then it is easier sometimes to help others than even see your own fault.So let’s follow the path we have and let’s see what happens.

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