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How can I solve others problems if I can’t solve even my own promblems?

A question thrown by my very good friend is the title of the discussion today. I would like to try and give an answer to this question. The question is very nice and very good one. It is an intelligent question asked by an intelligent mind. It truly asks a problem which we face in our day to day activity. It is very true that why should one focus on others people problem if one cannot find the solutions to his.

Now, for the answer to this question let me tell you one thing- “There are two ways of walking the path of life one is looking at your own self and other is looking at your self together with the looking at those who are in suffer.” Now let me clarify why I think there are two ways to see the path of life. The first is self, thinking always about our problems and trying to find the solution for it. We strive our entire life because problems are always occurring every time. From the moment we are born to the time we are in the state of dieing we face the problems, it is always there occurring. Every new day, every new journey we take these problems will always occur till the time we have lived our life.

Second, the other way one can walk through the path of life is looking at self together with learning from those who are around us, who look similar to us and who are human beings. One cannot solve the all the problems they face in life by only themselves, they have to look after others, learn from others and try to see it for themselves.

The priority is the key, which one would you like to priotize and keep is upto you. It is the decision made by you and only you. If tomorow some body is giving you the advice or suggestion or if you are following the path of some guru or some leader or some spiritual god then you are not letting your own self to guide you to the path of desitnation.

A journey is always made by a person but there can be many in ways who can guide you to the real destination. However, you should not follow what they say but take there advice and make your own decision. A decision made by self is the only right decision.

Well, let me tell you one thing, Looking at my own life I can assure you that I love my family, I love all who are around me and all those things that are connected to me in one way or another. I do not know what is love and I do not say in verbal way that I really feel the same. But I pray for all those things, friend and family every day. I am not joking and I am not trying to prove anything. I am only letting to know that- It is my decision and only mine. I am also not worried if some body else is angry or being unhappy and it is because of me only because it is there problem and not mine.

I do not know how to get angry and I know most of the finnish friends I have seen, do not get angry for any reason. One of the best thing about this place is that, It reminds you and only you. It begs you to ask a question about your own self than others. It has plenty to teach and plenty to give and take from it.

Our problem can be easily solved if we see them not as problem but as the way of finding the solutions to the problems.There are no problems if we live in moment and do our day to day activity, and not keep as pending. Our task are the one of the great problem in our daily life. If we keep on pending our task then one day these task will lead us to higher problems. This is one example of problem we face in life.

It is not easy to solve others problem because one will not the same problem for the same but one can atleast pray or give some advice or just speak a couple of words which can motivate a person with a problem. A couple of words like “wish you get over it”, “thank you”, “all the best”, “I hope you enjoy”, “I pray that your problems would be overcome easily”, “I hope you recover soon” and many more if we dig it.

All these words if spoken will also motivate the person with a problem. If it cannot solve then it can really help a lot.Therefore, It is just you, who decides if you want to solve your problem or try to see others problem and give some advice or give motivating words or insipirational words if you really cannot see the solution for a problem.

These are what I think, but again I am not fighting with my friend or not trying to say that I am absolutely right or correct. I am just saying that this is what we can think about. This way also we can think of problems of ours over others. Well, It is just you who decides if I am right or wrong. and I accept both with my both hands joined, a face with smile and saying it in true way-“Namaste” !

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