Monday mind

When a mood is just normal, everything goes normal but once your mood becomes aggressive or very abnormal everything around you become aggressive. I do not know why many people have some kind of habit getting angry very easily. One of them is me.

I just get angry with very smaller things, and once i get into it. I do not want to come out from it. This is not good habit and I want to get rid of it. I do not know, may be it comes from my parents or from the gene.I think I got it from my mother. She some times tend to show such kind of anger and I have the same.

The mind does not allow me to think anything beyond the event on the basis of which I am not feeling good. It only allows to get rid of such an event as soon as possible. Other thing that makes me nervous is my habit of not believing in anybody. I do not trust no one. Trust is very important to maintain the relationship and I do not have the trust in any one.

Some times I believe that I do not trust myself to some extent. I think yes, why is that ? Why I am acting in such a way when I do not have anything to loose. Time goes very fast and in the process of going through the time we loose many of such events that we do not sometimes think we will really loose.

Escaping from the reality is very easy. Either you tend to become closer to the addiction of some sort like smoking or alcohol or you simply just tend to do something inappropriate. However, life is to chill and not to take any tension in mind. The relaxed mind will lead you to the destination but what if your mind is not working properly and you are not in the situation to deal with yourself.

What if you are not good to deal in most of the situations and you always tend to pick up yourself and try to avoid most of the things in life. Yesterday, I read one line. “love your enemy”. It is good thing to do only because once you love your enemy you will get to know more out of this enemy and you will then strength yourself from many of the unknown experiences and the things that you will dream of learning from others. One way of loving your enemy will enable you to learn from them.

Monday as ususal, boring and irritative for me. Early in the morning, the bicycle fell down and the entire paper was scattered all over the road. I was really pissed off. I knew that today something is not working good for me. I knew that I am not feeling good,only because my mind is not stable and not working appropriately. It is in non-stable stage always getting very angry and going to the stage where it does not want to talk with anyone or want to sustain the peace.

The best medicine for this is no medicine and the best way to avoid it is to go deeper into it and find the root cause of the non-violence that is existing in mind. The root cause will take you to the problem and the problem with proper negotiation will give some advice or lesson.

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