Amazing things happen in life and that is the beauty of life when things go amazing. Some times we get surprise and the surprise if it is positive or nice or even nicer than we are excited and we jump into the stage called excited state for a while.

A mind is a brilliant machine inbuilt in the humans. We are this brilliant thing called mind which we can make work as per our SE. It is the art to make the mind work as per we want. We cannot gain this ability just by learning some books or by any simple method. It is first understanding yourself. In the process of understanding yourself, you will come up with understanding every part attached to your body and the most important is mind.

Imagine a situation where you wanted something to happen for you and that particular thing did not go well, I mean you wanted something but you did not get what you wanted. In such situation you will be abit depressed and not normal. There are some three types of behavior that humans show generally and these three are Normal-excited-depressed-normal-excited-… It is the cycle. Just like after every night there is a day, every day there is night and so on. These cycle of behavior are shown by humans in day to day life. It changes with time and circumstances.

The environment is the great factor which makes the change of the behavior. The normal behavior can be changed with depressed behavior just because some one in a friends family got expired. Again the Normal behavior can be changed in excited behavior just because some one is throwing a great party in some great place and you are invited. Excited behavior can be changed with Normal behavior just because you wake up and now today is the working day and you have to go to office and do your daily work.

The pattern continues and that is the cycle of life in showing different behaviors. Now the biggest question is how can a amazing things in life be connected with the behaviors. Does it have any matching. Yes, to some extent. The excitement shown by an individual is directly related with the behavior and the unexpected event occurring in a persons life.

The most useful state for humans could be the excited state where the body is full of energy and it is in total joy. There is no worries and no sadness involved. Only thing is the body which has no control over the situation. A excited person does not mean physical arousal or something like that but excited in a event with total joy and smile on face. Amazing things happen at that particular moment.

Well, that is how the predicted pattern of behavior could be seen but I am not sure if that has been scientifically proved. However, life is full of surprises and some times it is also good to learn the ability to give surprise to others. Many relationship does not work out because the partner are very predictive nature. One has to learn the ability of giving and taking surprises. Lot of these ability does not come from the learned behavior but from the bottom of heart.

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