Every silence has a meaning. A silence of human, a silence in relationship, a silence of lake and a silence of wind that blows flower in the garden. Everything is connected in one way or another. All these silence, with meaning where it ask us to read the meaning from these aspects of life, plants and Nature.

Can anyone tell me why two people in relationship go into the state of silence ? Is it because they both had a fight or something or is it because they both want to go into their caves and come back after a while. What is that make people live in silence ? Too much of everything is bad. Too much of silence will lead us to violence. A violence in our mind, a violence within us. Some times it could be boon too. It depends on the environment we live.

Many people are quite vulnerable to silence, some of them they like to live in noise. A room full of noise, a place where there is crowd and lot to event happenings. In such a case people find themselves very safe and very nice. It is just because when noise is present, people assume there are some body like them who is present and doing something.

A silence teaches a lot in itself. A couple mainly go in silence just because of the some small problems they could not resolve by themselves. They both seek truth. They both want to prove that both of them are correct and none of them have done any mistake or is wrong. When one person says that he is right on some subject and the next person also says yes, she is also correct on the same subject matter then- a clash is occurred between two people. Their has to be one winner. In such a case, the argument occurs and fight begins. A silence is the last phase of all these happening. Either a girl or boy then go in silence. It is good just because it later helps in regaining the relationship.

Most of the time these silence are such a killer that, it last very long. Even a entire life. When a silence is for very long it becomes a pain. A pain which cannot be cured by any medicine or doctor. A pain which cannot be described. It is very true and very hurtfull. It is larger than the volcano eruption. It remain and you cannot avoid it. It will be there till the existence of a person.

It is easy to break a relationship if one can acquire a silence. It is also easy to come out of problem if you can go in silence. I have been told by many that I remain very silent. It is just because i simply like the peace that a silence gives me. It gives me a feeling and pleasure to look deep inside my internal body parts. In silence I can see myself going deep and look what I am doing. It just checks and re-check my body and outer world.

A silence is great teacher. It can tell you thousand different things. When you are silent especailly most of the times there is some one inside you who will talk with you. It is not you. It is the person who is driving you. It is not soul or aatma or anything. It is you- a perfect you.

The perfect you will tell you what you are feeling and what you are going through. It will just ask you to do what he wants. A perfect you. Well, it is always good to live in silence. Just sit idle some times and be silent-you will hear a lot of voices which are of yours and only yours. It will teach you that you have a perfect you inside you.

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