Care of Nature

Many of the times we are terrified and we just follow what others do, we visit temples, go and pray want to be in a community or of some religious group. All these are the signs of wanting a care. We all need a proper care. Just like a mother cares for a child, We need a proper care.

Who is responsible when for our caring ? Is it some stone that we worshiped every day or is it our family ? Is it the temples we visit and mantras we chant. Is it the all these that care us ? I do not think so- just because these are tradition every one follows it and no body has got anything from it. Yeah to some extent a peace, a silence of mind is the result but nothing beyond.

A care is done by “Nature”. We are natural animals. We live in this pleasant nature and one day we are buried to the nature itself. Literally it might sound non-sense but every does not have to have sense. It is true and that is what I think. Our body outer part is skin and when we run, work or do any thing in a sunny day that results in a mud from a skin too. Skin is capable of being burnt, it cannot resist extreme heat, extreme cold or extreme any of the things.

When we need a shade, there are loads of trees near us. When we need to take bath there are lakes and sea where we can jump. When we need something we always get it from Nature. The total care of our body is done by Nature in return one day we have to give it all back to it. We always fear of death but death is the smallest debt we pay back to Nature after entire care done by it.

We live our life and we become just like a person our society wants us to become. There are always circumstances that make the person weak or strong or criminal or terrorist. No one is born terrorist or bomber. We are just treated like that by the society and the people with whom we are influenced. We are just a normal humans and we all can be changed in different ways depending upon the circumstances and situation. We just need a proper care and that proper care is done not by any person or individual but the Nature.

Believe it or not. It is just not a fake story but the reality. Why are we so fatigue to the all the Natural things in the world. We are burn when the fire comes close to our body, we get cold, heat, rays of light or we are fearful, we show different emotions based on these circumstance that Nature presents. It is by the Nature we are living and it is for the Nature we are living and it will be for the Nature we will survive for a certain period of the time in our life.

Greatest fear we have is death, which is nothing but the concept. Who will come after the death and tell you the story that I went to heaven and I went to hell just because it is written in some text here to read us and get addict to it. It is total nonsense which will make sense only when there is no existence of the entire human beings. What happens when you go to bed ? You fall asleep and you go the state called as Unconsciousness that state is described as the stage where nothing works or nothing is happening. In that state you are dead. The stage where there is no return but later next day you wake up why ? You wake up just because you have something you left the previous day as pending. You have to wake up because the Nature wants you to do something for it. It wants you to be alive and do some task before the final sleep.

A simple explanation is that- We need a care, care of parents when we are small kids, care of girl friends or wife when we are adult and young, care of again kids or our parents and later care of ourselves. But above all these, we need a care of Nature to really be cared. Without the care of Nature we are nothing. We are therefore regarded as the child of Nature.

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