We all are GOD.

Welcome to a new place, a place where there is no one except you. A place which looks very fearful, a place where there is only darkness and no sun light. A place where there are only green trees and sound of violent animal all around.

Only thing you can see is the no one except you and you are in this jungle kind of place where only your screams are heard and nothing else. You can shout but no one will response in that shout. You can scream loud and no one will response instead. It is just like a night mare . However, the place is real and you have to face the consequences of being there. It was all in your mind. You wanted to be there no body else. You wanted to visit such place even though you do not like to explain it to any body but you have to now tell what happened in this place. A strange place, a place which no one would ever like to be, and never ever want to visit again.

You want to run but there is nowhere you can reach. you are hungry and you want to eat food but there is nothing except the green trees and wild animals. you want to hide but there is nothing that you can hide. You are trying to find why you reached in this place ? you are surprised and now you want to escape, from a reality. You can only see the ocean in one side when you travel and in the next side never ending jungle. There are thousand questions in your mind and you want them all answered. Who is going to answer all your questions ?

You are terrified, worried, anxious and very frightened deep inside you. You want a change, You are fed up eating green leaves, and fruits of the trees, you suddenly want to kill those animals who are making noise and giving you trouble when you asleep. You are really angry with them-Now, you start finding some techniques to kill them. You suddenly realize that well, you can kill them by hitting them with some stones but when you tried they ran away from you. You failed, now you tried to kill them with some trees trunks or some kind of sharp stone that you found. You attempted to kill one, next day you succeed and then you finally saw a blood in them. You are happy that the very animal will not give you problem but you also wanted to taste the blood of that animal. Slowly, you start eating them. You liked the taste and now you do it more than often.

Next day you saw an animal mating with another animal. You are thrilled to see such thing happening in front of you. You want to experience the same but the big problem now lies is how can you find the similar animal like you. You saw it and now you want it. When you first see it then you felt what if I do the same ? What will happen ? Is it tasty as the meat of the animal I killed ? In search to quench the thirst of the mouth you now went in search of similar animal like you.

You traveled, made a long journey but you can hardly see any body who looks similar to you. Until one day, you saw one animal who had these two orange hanging in their chest and long long hair similar to you and was looking almost similar to you. At first you were frightened that the animal is strange and might be of danger. You attempted to kill her. You tried to throw some sharp weapon towards her and kill her but she escaped. Now you wanted to see her, meet her and tell her you look similar but she was gone.

Next day, you saw her again. This time she was shocked and surprised to strange man like you. She approached you, and touched you. You were sleeping at that time. Her touch made you feel strange. You felt some thing happening inside you. you wake up with the strangely. you shouted towards her, you said,.. ah ah ah.. the meaning in those words were clear- do not touch me. Later, after a while she touched you, touched your whole body and you felt very good. Slowly you thought your main aim of mating with like the animal and you started the process of doing it. She did not agree but your touch, your kiss and you approach towards her led her open towards you. you did what the animal do and then finally you enjoyed it.

Following day, you wanted to do more and you stayed there with her. You repeated the same thing time and again, almost every day until one day she was pregnant and you were very happy to see something strange coming out of her. You do not wanted anybody or any animals or any insects or anything to touch her. you were only devoted to her deeply, she gave birth to four child in a row. You were surprised to see so many of your children. You now started to fetch food for them, find a simple place where no rain, snow, wind and heat will disturb your family. You made a simple hut which led to one simple family living happily.

One day when you were searching for food you found the same kind of huts in a jungle with couple of family, you then talked in the language that they understood. Finally you moved to the same place and a community was build.

A process of human development started similarly like this- the big question is who made the first man and women ? Was it GOD ? The answer is big NO.

We are similar to animals who now rule the world and religion is created by one of the man from a community who wanted all his fellows to follow him. He was the person who made the rules, regulation and a proper system so that none of the people will fight or go for war. We call that person now as GOD but that is just our own way of looking at that person. Stop violence and spread the message of love. We all are GOD. We all have capability to rule not others but ourselves. Just sit idle and think.

  1. July 4, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    So you have made us all god. Interesting.

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