A surprise in the early morning with the music of bhajans and “hare rama hare krishna” just after coming from the work. It was then pleasant to listen to the song from the movie called “ugly and pagli”. You can download the song and listen to it.

The song is “Yaad Teri Aaye Jaaye”, the lyrics of song is absolutely nice and brilliant. A good song or good movie can make your mood brilliant or can change it very quickly. There are times when we do not feel good and feel very bad but all those moments are just reminding that we are becoming stronger.

Life is a process of living in very fine and brilliant way with smile on face despite you may feel bad inside you. It is like a ladder. The every step you take, you have to put an effort to climb the ladder. The next step is much more difficult than the earlier one. Every step will take you to one step closer to the destination. It is in search of the final step you have to climb all our steps. Last step is the final step that will take us home. The very first step starts from our childhood when we are born and then we slowly start climbing the ladder of life.

It is just a simple step that we take makes our life easier to climb the next one and so on. We are always worried about our next step but when we are worried about next step it will gives us clear picture and our mind will then get prepared for it. It is like taking a practice session before going to real match. It is good to worry and make yourself stress full with all the tension of next very step. But too much is not good and one should not over do it.

I went yesterday, to the police station it was funny story again. I saw people as we see every where around but one thing one very important that I noticed. There was one man who had two kids and they were wearing the same dress besides that also one wanted to sit in one side of his father and the next kid also wanted to sit in the same corner where the father was sitting. Both the kids wanted the same place to occupy but later father decided that one should sit just left of him and next kid on right of him. The kid has to agree on it and later they agreed. I thought there is no difference between the kids from any where in the world. They are the same. They want the same thing. The love of father and in equal proportion. They both wanted fight for the same place but one has to compromise to agree on the being comfortable to themselves.

As the government work is slow, it was slow here too. I had to wait for couple of hours before I get my number. I used to think that the government organization of developing nations are slow but now I have to change the idea and think that it is same every where. They get lower wages and they act slowly in response to lower wages. It is the simple fact. The progress of any country is determined by their governmental organizations and it shows why we are still lacking behind.

The services we are using and the facilities that we getting can be improved so much so quickly that one day we could put some device and fly from one place to next just like that but it is not possible due to slow working of government all around the world. Human mind works faster than any machine humans have made ever. If it can work faster then let us feel the experience of doing it faster all most everything.

Rest is rest,,, and it always feels good when some body appreciates your work or give comment on the mistakes you commit during your day. Good is good and bad is never worse becasuse bad will teach you how to make it good.

Keep smiling. “Nothing in life is easy, you have to make it easy in your own ways… write your own script so that one day when you get old you can tell stories to your grandchildren “

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