Habit and NO

The time I start putting the words in my blog, it started to rain and it was pleasant climate which showed that there needs to be put something, everything is very cyclic and happens every day. All these things happen every day and some time I wonder why ? Why can not a person live without food in a day, why cannot a sun light does not show up normally next day and why is there darkness ?

These questions are very uncommon only because such event does not happen and if it does then there is great reason behind it. A person is normally who eats food everyday but is there any possibility that he can live without it ? Yes, he can but he will still need to eat something other day to survive. Why are we following such habit of doing the things that we have been taught right from our childhood ? Some times, see yourself and do things differently it will give you a lot of pleasure.

Now, the big question is how can a habit which has build inside us can be changed ? A habit is formed by us and no body else. A habit is our daily activity of doing the things same on every day one common example would be- smoking a cigarette, promoting cigarette to cigar and going further with itself. It gives pleasure to many, to some it reliefs from pain and to some it removes the tension from the body or from the mind. You will find thousand different answers from thousand people who have adopted the habit of smoking or drinking or some habit which is harmful but still people do not like to change.

A change people is one who can quit his habit and is very flexible to himself and to others. A person who is born within a boundary will always remain or try to be in boundary just because he has not seen the outside world. He do not know what is beyond that boundary. One example would be- a girl who lives her life typically eats healthy food checking her calories every day, goes for daily makeup, comb her hair daily, is neat and clean and visit doctors every once in week for regular check up. She is very health cautious and is very strict on her own schedule of doing things. Now such person is keeping the boundary or making her boundary of herself-she is limiting herself by letting her do this- and do that- Nothing beyond this should be done by her.

A girl is living in her boundary and she knows exactly what to do every day but one day she is migrated to rural India. Now, Imagine her situation-she is doing nothing what she used to do. She is not going to visit the doctor every once in week because no doctors are availaible, She do not have proper diet food or food with regular check up of calories and she could not comb her hair daily just because there are too much of dust which makes every person look dirty next 30 seconds. Now, In such situation can a girl adopt to such an environment ?

To adopt to such a environment she has to change her habit and she has to be completely free, free her mind and should not care about anything except open sky and deep oceans. The point is to adopt to bigger world you have to leave smaller world. All those people who smoke, who have a habit of drinking, who have a habit of pornography, who are addicted to some thing are living in smaller world and to jump from smaller to bigger they have to change there habit and see how it feels when you do not do the things you like most-just for a day or two and then entire life.

Next thing is there are times when we have wasted our energy just because we never learnt to say NO. Just say no, when you think some body is taking your time. You are the one and you have every rights to living a life not for others but for yourself. Just say NO without any hesitation when you think it is not appropriate or not worth full to you. Think about these things and try to figure out in a day how you recover from these things.

Go on carry on life is to fight with yourself than others
Greatest wise is that person who can forgive greatest enemy

Always remember we are no black and no whites
We all come from same place and we will go to the same place

Rituals might be different, custom may be different
Smile is same in every country and religion

You may think this as poem, but I do not know
Live openly, surrender your problem to Nature

Nature will take care of your misery
It will bring you joy when you feel depressed.

Go on carry on ….

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