Sunday Mantra

A sunday morning, with late night parties and hang over of couple of beers together with a friends graduation party. It kept me awakened till the midnight and it was just total fun without any hesitation of mind and without thinking the very next day you got to go for work. In-fact, it does not matter as long as a friend comes from very far place and throws you a party.

Now the early morning wake up and not a proper sleep-you go for the work. Some times you feel sleepy while doing the work and some time it makes you feel as if why don’t it finishes early. When would I finish it ? Many of us when we go for work we are always thinking of when will it finish and I will get total rest of what I do not want to do.

When we think in such a sense then we think not of work but we think of ourself, It happens to many of us just because work is not a thing that we enjoy. One good question would be how can we make it more interesting ? Can we do it in different way or can we make it more interesting by ourselves ? Well, we can make it interesting only when all the elements supports us. I mean those elements that are connected to the work related activity. Take an example of the paper delivery- In such work the elements that support the work is good climate, good working condition, good instrument or the vehicle to use, nice and proper health, and many other personal, Natural things which will help you or guide you for the completion of your work. When everything will support you-you will find it more interesting and you will enjoy the work.

Sunday, There is a tradition of not working in western countries mainly due to the religious thing. It is said that, you have to work 7 days and the eight day is the resting day and when you work on eight day, you have to be punished. I do not know, I have no idea if that is true but I think according to Bible it is true to some extent or absolutely true. I do not want to criticize the Bible or any other religious text but I would like to ask- There are many company, people, organization working on the Sundays too why are not they being penalized ?

Ask a mother whose son is in the death bed and he needs a medicine-can she work or not on Sunday ? Ask a father who has a work only on Sundays and other days he do not get an opportunity to work just because of his old age, is he suppose to work or not ? These are some examples but there could be many more than these. When we are no longer leaving the smaller things of our religion then how can we see what is religion itself ? We are being blind by our all these things that we follow every time we visit religious places.

It feels good and it brings a kind of peace for some moment but after that it is the same, it is not good that we should not be bounded by any religion or any religious text or any one single boundary of religion at all. It will be good if we can be open. Once we open our mind to all other religion then it is similar to a child first seeing the world after the arrival in this mother earth. It is all upto us. I do not mean that, people should not do what they are doing or what they are following but when you are doing and following what is the best for you-you are not letting yourself get open to the vastness and richness of seeing what a religion is.

Many writers have written about it and many has different views on the subject matter whatever be the views would not make clear and people will not be clear until and unless you open yourself from being bounded by one. Let it be, My words will not matter as long I am not directing you to do it but it is my opinion on what I feel or experience. I do not want any one to follow it but at-least you can think about it, get a knowledge from it and see by yourself.

Well happy Sunday and free yourself this sunday from all your sins or pain or empty your mind-just relax.

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