Human beings or speaking machine ?

From Paulo coelho –
“Each one of us has had this experience of when phoning to get a service, stumbling upon an answer machine. After pressing many buttons, finally we get through to a human being at the other end of the line. Yet, the other human being has also a list of answers and instead of trying to be of service, many times is unable to help.
Despite the sophisticated media today – that always helps in the small tasks – I believe we are loosing somehow this human warmth in our relations.
Acoording to you: how did we loose this human contact? Also, how this new type of relation will affect our future?”

Here is what I have to say in response to the above question. –

It is a good topic that we are loosing a contact from human warmth and human being in real form. The machine is getting us far from where we are now, it is taking us in different place. It gives a different feeling when some one is in front of me-sitting and we are sipping a cup of coffee together but once we are far from the person and we use the machine as our medium to communicate then it become difficult.

A sense of different feelings are generated, it is not good in many of the terms and it has to be changed. One of the research projects that I am working on currently is to understand the behavior of humans with regard to technology. Many of the times we feel frustrated when the machine does not work and many of the times we feel really stressfully by its usage too much.

As the time is changing people are changing, there were times when social gatherings and get together were very common but these are the times when many of my friends or relatives would like to sit in chat room and talk or rather send me application invites in Face book or just some stupid Web pages. These has to be changed and the next direction of putting an impact on human lives would be something different, a different taste of machine not as a medium but as a mediator or I would call a teacher or helper to make a reality success.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that Technology and human interaction with it has to go just like a child catches the hand of his father then only it would be possible for better interaction.


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