Monday again !

Whenever we are expecting something we do not get what we are expecting. Why is this ? Why do not we get what we expect ? What goes wrong ? Is it because we are thinking that particular thing should or must happen or is it because we are thinking what if something wrong goes and how would we feel then ? Is if good for our brain ? Can it be good when you expect and you suddenly do not get what you expect or do not achieve what you desire or think ?

To some extent it is good, but many of the times it is not just because you are experiencing something bad inside you. It is just because your emotions are attached with your expectations. Once your emotions are badly effected then you will feel very bad about what you wanted or expected or desired.

How about you expected and something really happened ? When something like this happens then it is by the virtue of your brain and your true path to destination. It means that you are in right track and you are heading in right pace. It means that you are getting what you really desired. It is good to know that many of the times some of your days are not good. For me, I take as Monday. My feelings are such that nothing is going to work for me on Monday. I have deeply rooted this thought in my mind and whenever something happens or something is expected from me or from my own life then I immediately think well, today is Monday.

Why am I taking this particular day as totally negative ? Is it because in all the mondays in my life something bad has happened or is it because I am too much of fearful of Monday. Why ? Based on my past experience I do not want to see this day. In past out of 100 Mondays 90 Mondays are not good. How would you feel then ? It is the same feeling as any person would have after he/she is betrayed by his husband or wife.

A child touches the fire once he touches the fire then suddenly he realizes that it burns his fingers. Next time onwards he will not touch the fire only because he has a past experience of touching a fire and fear of burning his fingers. Once you are fearful of yourself how would you again go and touch the same thing ?

I would call this as- First step is Last step. A step taken once is the last step taken, you may do thousand of things in your life but be careful to take the first step. The first step will determine how would you feel about the things and activity.

Yet again, a Monday which does not work out. A day which should be removed from the Calendar in my dictionary. Just not because it does not work out for me but it is not good to keep it there. It is the day of death. It is the day of fear and it is the day where something if going to work for you is also not going to work.

Well, It cannot be judged with all other people around the world. If you ask others they will say that there best day is Monday. A brain is where everything is made. A thinking which connects our expectation and our future plans. Once you start making something futuristic and you think that particular thing is going to work for you then suddenly that will not work.

A person should not worry either it will work or not or weather he expected and he got something or not but rather he should worry on what he has got at the moment. A full concentration on the present will give him the true path to the destination.

When we fully give our mind and our full physical body to a work or task or any event that is at the moment in front of you then at that moment you are living yourself to that moment. “Live in moment, everything expected will automatically come your way”.

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