Life and Death

Life and Death are two different things. By seeing or looking at the first word called life we feel most of the times happy, we think the term “life” will bring lots of joy, one feels excited whenever we use this term with any other sentence or words we feel as if we are living and we have nothing to do except living.

Once we start talking about the word “death”, we think the person who is talking is either depressed or is not cool or is talking something boring. Every body knows that it cannot be changed but how many of us realize the fact that one day we are going to die. We know but how about the realization about it.

One thing is for sure, Death cannot be changed but it could not denied that during life we do many deeds and that deeds could never be changed even by death. We start living and the moment we start living we “do”, whatever we do either good or bad is recorded in some way to a society and these are later examined after our death. One should not forget the fact that, ideas never die. We live our life and we live for a dream the dream once start fulfilling even after the death will be recognized.

Every body lives a life, every body has there own story to say, every body in earth has their own problems, own culture, own castes, own values and own way of living the life but why do we salute those who lives not for themselves but for others ? We should salute every body, don’t you think ? Therefore, those person who lives for others are very rare and very small in number we salute them, we worship them and we follow their path only because they have their rules, procedures, own way of living a life we like to follow them.

We follow them but following them does not makes us safe neither does it will create a relief in our life. It is because we can be the members of any religious organization, any place, any gurus but they will just tell you what to do, what not to do and what to follow and what not to follow. Since they tell all these things, they are not letting you know yourself the values of religion, love, life and many more things. How can you see all these important aspects in your life when you yourself are putting a handkerchief in your eyes. When you wear a glass, wear such glass which can make a picture clear not those kind of glass which will not let you see anything.

It is easy to make people fool as we can see now a days, many organization, many gurus and many such Babas are existing in this world now but they will not let you explore your life, they are making every body blind. When you are blind you cannot see the life, experience for yourself and then you will come to know.

Life is not easy as it looks, many of us like to waste the time and do not want to do anything only because we think doing is very boring and it is not cool to waste all the energy just to do. Once you do not do any waste your time just like that then during those period you will come to know that wasting times makes you more lazy and life more boring. Imagine you have enough food to eat, enough money to spend and when you start wasting your time you will come to know then that life is not worth wasting.

It is understanding the phenomenon that we got to live and we have to do something in life to live. It is not collecting money to become rich it is to earn a little and get satisfaction. When you will start finding satisfaction in the things you do, day to day you will come to realize that. Life is worth living.

Have a great Weekend !

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