A diary of monday 16th june 2008

A early morning rise at around 2 am with a thinking set to travel a new horizon with early rise of sun. It was amazing experience today morning with very light dark sunlight giving some sign of rain but again with total in confusion of delivering either the sun to their children’s or a joy of tears in total summer fun.

Imagine a situation where you work in early morning the time when nobody would wake up easily from the bed but you are not the only one who does it, there are many like you and there are people who have mastered it before you. I was with my drunken teacher today. He was smelling like a hell and telling me most of the times what to do and what not to do. Where to deliver the paper and where not to.

Coming from the work it gave a total satisfaction of the work and the time you spent doing it. It gives much a relieve after when you finish something but every time you finish it; you are relived. It give a feeling to you that the same time and the work is not going to come again. You have done what you have been asked for. It is a good feeling after anything is completed. But everything that has been completed again comes in different ways too.

My father used to say-Son, you will realize the values of money when you will start working. Whatever I achieved till date and whatever you are wasting so easily is not easily earned. It is all hard owned and every single rupees that you are taking in negligence is a process of very hard work.

Today couple of years later, I have realized that It is not easy and whatever he has said is absolutely correct. It is not easy either you have to loose something to gain something or you have to really work hard. It can be mentally or physically. The pain will be there in your mental phase or in your physical part of body. It will again go after only you will take rest. Therefore after a long hours of doing the early morning work came back to my lonely bed which was just waiting for his master to occupy it in total joy.

As I respect the bed, I would really be thankful to it in many different ways. After sleeping for some four hours then it was the time to go back to University and do the official part of the work. It was noon then, I took a tea and started another phase of the life called University Work. A tea was really strong enough to keep me alive till the 6 pm in the evening, can you imagine that ? A guy can really survive from early morning tea to late evening tea without eating anything. I was also surprised. There is always something to do and very less time to think about eating.

Just after coming from a university work then immediately went to Shopping for the foods those were not present in the kitchen and it was to my suprise that a friend who lives next door-Arjun cooked something really delicious. A tasty south indian daal. A taste of which reminded me of “banglore”. I do not know how people rate an indian food but they are really fantastic if you taste them yourself. If you listen from others then you have had no experience of saying anything on them. This guy is great in cooking. I wish he was a beautiful lady, I would have propose and married with him. I say, the same thing for whoever my room mates are previously it was Teemu and he too is brilliant in cooking.

It is by situation people learn to cook and it is by luck or fate that I met these outstanding people who helped in many different ways in my life. This is what makes the life more memorable and wonderful experience to live. Now, the time is around 8pm and I have written this whole blog about my own life today. A diary of monday 16th june 2008. Well, why should I be worried may be there is something which people can get from it too.

1. Do not waste anything just like that. Think before wasting or you will automatically learn a process of earning a money once you will work for it.
2. Do what you like to do most, do not think about anthing except it.
3. Take care of your health. (Not for me)
4. Appreciate people, things and nature around you.
5. Love eating Indian Spicy especially something cooked by local boy of that county.

Since the breath is still going on, I must keep on breathing till the time I will forget to breath. However, do cherish your life too and have a great weekend ahead. A kind of blessing for everyone who is reading it right now.

  1. June 24, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Mr. Kalwar, I am really happy to read your blogs. My name is Abdul Waheed and my caste is also Kalwar. I belong to Karachi, Sindh.I would be thankful if you please acknowledge me about your goodself at my email ur_heart_driver@yahoo.com.I appreciate your work.Have a happy life.

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